Saket Soni: Will his championship of workers with temporary visas impact American full-time workers?

  • Statistics Show Temporary Workers Cause Higher Unemployment

    You only have to look to our neighbors in the north in Canada to see this in place. Canada's temporary foreign workers program is a mess, as the fast food industry abused the program to bring in foreign workers and vastly underpaid them. This resulted in wage pressure and higher unemployment, and an angry populous. Additionally, many foreign workers were abused and treated poorly.

  • No, Saket Soni's advocacy will not impact full-time American workers.

    No, Saket Soni's campaign for workers with temporary visas will not impact full-time American workers. In my opinion, having workers with temporary visas will strengthen and diversify the American workforce rather than weaken it. Having workers with temporary visas may, in fact, create even more full-time jobs for Americans that may need to be employed to regulate, train, and assist the workers.

  • You Have To Know Someone

    I do not believe this group of workers will hurt full-time workers in America because in all honesty very few Americans are actually working full time. Many employers have scaled back to part time help hoping to jump through loopholes for the Affordable Care Act. The American dream is dead, so foreigners won't be able to enjoy anything of here anyway.

  • No the fact that Saket Soni is going to bat for workers with temporary work visas will not change anything for US full-time workers.

    There is nothing in the fact that labor organizer Saket Soni has stepped up to champion the cause of workers with temporary work visas (Guest Worker VIsas) that will affect work conditions for American workers. Mr. Soni is addressing problems and issues that centered on the bad treatment, scamming and worse that are imposed on worker here on a guest visa.

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