Salary caps: Should a mandatory maximum salary be imposed by governments?

  • The government is the voice of its people.

    If the people decide that you are too greedy and that you should spread your wealth better, than the people get to choose that you make too much. That is why the government (which is not someone all mighty entity) is allowed to make a salary cap. Paying everyone more helps no one, but limiting the amount you can make helps everyone. There are only so many dollars in circulation. When the richest make more than everyone on the bottom half, there is a problem in the system. Instead of imposing taxes (which can be avoided through loopholes), the amount of money earned through salary and in total accumulated wealth should be limited. Though a man/woman should be free to earn and hoard as much as he pleases, it inherently ruins the ability to seek life, liberty, and happiness for others. Your greed does not supersede the happiness and freedom of others.

  • Is it morally right?

    It is not morally right that somebody can be paid a lot more money than somebody else. In the end work is work. There are certain executives that get paid 250 times more than their lowest employee. Why should they get that much bigger pay than the employee does? Do they work 250 times harder than the employee does? No! Therefore they shouldn't get that bigger a salary. I'm not saying that they shouldn't get paid more, but not that much more. Think about that?

  • Only If We Can't Control Greediness

    This will not be a popular answer as people will say that this is not freedom. The question is.... holding down half of our economy really freedom? I guess half the people are truly free and the other half our free to live to work. Sports organizations have made salary caps because it keeps everything more competitive. By not allowing people who can rig the system from buying their success. This giving everyone a chance to succeed.

  • How is the government qualified to make that decision?

    Employers, boards of directors, etc have the local knowledge of how a company or organization is doing and what it can afford to pay its employees. The government can't figure out how to make a functioning website for people to buy health insurance, so why does it make sense to think that they would be adequately able to decide how much someone should make? Also, like it or not, the top earners are the ones who are creating jobs and providing valuable products to the rest of us. If you take away their incentive to do that, we will all be worse off.

  • Keep Government Away From Deciding How Much I Am Worth

    I completely disagree that government should be allowed to impose salary caps on anyone. Those in government are in no position to start limiting anyones income. While some of us ordinary people are forced to retire from companies, these politicians not only work way past their prime, BUT they are sure to make sure they get a raise every year! Government needs stop thinking they should be so far reaching as to determine how rich or poor anyone is.

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