Sale of human organs for transplants: Is an organ marketplace consistent with the law?

  • Yes, we sell what we have.

    An organ is a part of us and when we give it we are losing something that might be important to our future health. There is no reason why it should not be sold. However, there need to be some regulations to ensure that not only rich people can get these, although at this point they are often the ones first on the list anyway.

  • Law Has Waiting Lists

    Current law for organ transplants has waiting lists for recipients. An organ marketplace is not consistent with that because those will money will be able to afford organs while those without money won't get the needed transplant. With waiting lists, everyone is equal based upon when they went on the list and organs are first-come, first served as they should be.

  • No, organ selling is not within the law.

    It is illegal in the United States to sell organs. It can only be done through donation. Personally, I agree with the way it is set up right now. Being able to buy organs would set rich people at an advantage over poor people in getting transplants, rather than it being by how long someone has been on the waiting list or how much they need it. Additionally, it would tempt healthy people in lower income brackets to sell their organs for money, which would be a very sad and unethical thing to promote in any way, even inadvertently.

  • No it is not.

    I do not think that selling organs for any reason is consistent with the law. The person who is going to receive the transplant needs the organ to live. When money becomes involved that will lead to price gouging, and only the rich will receive organs. That is not in line with the law.

  • Organ Marketplace Illegal By Any Means

    The United States makes it illegal for people to sell their organs for transplants. An organ marketplace wouldn't be consistent with the law for that reason. Plus, a marketplace allows for more illicit and criminal activity. The current system is flawed, but using an organ marketplace would only cause further problems.

  • No, Organ Donners Donate their organs.

    No, the sale of human organs is appalling. The way I see it, if you are an organ donor, you are donating your organs after you pass away, not selling them. Nobody should make a profit off of human organs as far as I am concerned. The idea of a organ marketplace is very disturbing.

  • The Cost Would Be Astounding

    I do not believe that an organ marketplace would by consistent with or proper ethics. The medical costs related to an organ transplant already bankrupt many people, even with good insurance. To add in a monetized supply/demand factor into a high-demand market would only serve to raise those prices further, as medical personnel would have to purchase organs instead of receiving donations. I see no reason to monetize a process hat is currently done through donations.

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