Salman Khan found guilty in fatal hit and run. Is five years in prison a long enough sentence?

  • The witness testimony makes this sentence seems fair.

    Several witnesses including a member of Khan's own security detail made statements that Khan was intoxicated and had lost control of the vehicle. The resulting deaths and injuries that were caused due to Khan's drunk driving call for a firmer sentencing but the judge did need to take into account it was a first time offense, therefore the five year sentence is fair.

  • Yes, I believe it is a long enough sentence

    5 years is enough time for this crime. The hit and run was probably an accident and he got scared and ran from the crime. Mistakes happen and nobody should be punished too harshly for making a mistake. Most criminals in his situation would probably get out on parole earlier than 5 years anyway.

  • No, five years is not long enough.

    Even though there is a lot of money at stake, he took a human life. There is no monetary value great enough to make up for that. He has spent almost thirteen years living and earning money after cruelly running over sleeping people. There is no excuse for leaving the scene, whether he was driving or not. Money and good looks should not be enough to compensate for the fact that he was found responsible for the taking of a life.

  • A hit and run deserves a longer sentence then 5 years in prison.

    There should be a high minimum sentence for those individuals like Salman Khan who are involved in a fatal hit and run. Leaving the scene and attempting to get away with murder even if it was on accident is a serious crime. The characteristics a person must posses that have the indecency to not uphold the law when it involves the death of another citizen are appalling and should be taken in to account when sentencing them.

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