Salsa legend Cheo Feliciano dies: Should the government pay tribute to music legends when they die?

  • YES that's what we need

    We need more politicians to pay attention to our Music legends like Cheo Feliciano. Maybe we wouldn't be in such a political mess if more politicians focused on celebrities and music. We should have a national holiday for michael jackson's birthday. Politicians should pay tribute to michael jordan, and to serve in office they they must be N.E. Patriot and N.Y. Yankees fan. IT should be a requirement!

  • Yes, let artists have their due

    I have no problem with the government paying tribute music legends when they die. Let artists have their due. I'm sure every politician wants to do something popular and uncontroversial like honoring a beloved singer. Having said that, the government shouldn't spend too much time on such tributes or let them take up time from their real business. But a brief tip of the hat -- sure, why not?

  • Yes, government should pay tribute to music legends

    It is not necessary to pay tribute to a person when they die but some sort of acceptance or tribute should be paid to the music legends just like anyone else who have made a name for their country. He was just not a salsal legend but he was well known all across the world so, he deserves a tribute on his part.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, perhaps the government should pay tribute to music legends when they die as a good gesture towards our culture, although it should depend on how much of an impact the music legend actually had towards the culture of it's people. There should be high standards to meet in order to even be eligible.

  • They are just citizens.

    No, the government should not pay tribute to music legends when they die, because they are only private citizens and not a part of the government. It would be unfair as to who got to be honored by the government and who would not. Only politicians should be honored in this way. It is the only way that it can be fair.

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