Saluda refuses to place 'In God We Trust' on city Hall: Does the separation of church and state lead to a more inclusive society?

  • Look at what is happening in America today. Literally Today.

    Because of Christian fundamentalism sweeping the country like the disease that it is, people have basically gone and made the muslims of today the jews of world war 2. Yes, the separation of church and state leads to a more inclusive society. Look at Saudi Arabia, the country which has been taken over by Islamic fundamentalism much in the same way that Christian fundamentalism is doing right now in the US. They are now arresting atheists as terrorists. Pretty soon, we may find ourselves doing a vey similar thing, only to muslims instead. Maybe we'll repeat what we did to the Japanese americans during ww2, where we put them all in internment camps. The religion that is taking over America is making our society far more exclusive than it was before. For another example, look to homosexual and transgender people. All across America they are being treated as inferiors with what excuse? Religion. Only by getting religion out of our government can we return to the inclusive society that America was founded to be. Speaking of founded, remember the constitution? That actually states explicitly that there MUST be a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. So by disagreeing with me, you are disagreeing with the founding fathers, and could be considered to be breaking the law. Case closed.

  • Constitutional Rights Intended To Unify Us.

    To begin with, the founding documents of our great nation were written in order to unify those who wished to create a better, freer nation, where people of all backgrounds - religious, racial, cultural, etc. - could be drawn toward the beacon of the American frontier, and pursue their ambitions in an environment that was inclusive for all. The American Dream was founded on the premise that anyone could come to the U.S no matter what and start up a life of prosperity and of love for one another - that whether you are Muslim, Christian, Gay, Straight, White, Black, or anything else - that you are enabled as an individual to make your life valuable in whatever way you wanted to. The forefathers of this nation wanted a world where people could have a free, direct democracy - a nation in which the religious and irreligious could coexist without question. Many of these forefathers were Deists, they had no particular loyal affiliation with a church, or a mosque, or a temple, or any of that. They gathered together to assemble their minds and write out documents which preserved every American's rights, and which allowed us the freedoms we have now, for a brighter future.

  • Separation of Church and State does Lead to more Inclusion

    If the church and state are separated, it brings about a more inclusive society. With more religions and belief systems gaining traction, it makes sense that separating religion from state would allow for more to feel welcome and accepted, regardless of their personal, spiritual beliefs. People can be unified by other things outside the church.

  • Yes, separation of church and state is necessary for an inclusive society.

    I believe that the separation of church and state does lead to a more inclusive society. The United States is known as a melting pot that is accepting of all different faiths and cultures. By separating church and state, people are not forced to conform to an ideology that might not fit their beliefs. It gives all citizens the ability to feel safe and secure in practicing their individual beliefs. The separation shows that the United States does not value one belief system over another, and that everyone is to be treated equally under the law.

  • Separation of church and state leads to more inclusiveness

    The separation of church and state leads to a more inclusive society in the United States. In this country, we are free to have our own religious beliefs, as opposed to following the official one from the nation. Many countries around the world do not have this separation, and the society predominately had one religion.

  • Freedom of religion means everyone gets their own god.

    The problem with "In God We Trust" as a statement is that it is too caught up in the Christian religion. Every religion has a type of god, so the statement itself should be inclusive. Unfortunately, when one religion lays claim to a god and refuses anyone else's gods, it doesn't bring everyone together.

  • I am the only one here

    Well, to start off, America is a nation founded by fathers of faith. They relied on God and America used to be the greatest nation in the world. During years when american believed in God so well, the economy flourished. Ronald Reagan, Lincoln, and other presidents kept America the most awesome country of the world. But then, America turned its face from God and started to decline from within spiritually, morally, and economically. As America began to decline, 9/11 happened, 2009 economy crisis happened, and many other disasters happened. I think God blessed America when Americans and their leaders relied on Him. But now, America turned its face from God and is declining like how the Roman Empire declined.

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