Same sex marriage ban in the US Constitution: Should same sex marriage be banned in the United States Constitution?

  • Get rid of the gays!

    They are going to overrun us with their corrupt and anti-christian ways! They do not deserve to get married under the BIBLE! They will not even go to heaven because they are heretics and will be smote under god. Do not allow them to get married people! Your children will get bad ideas from these people and we must protect our children!

    In all seriousness this is what most people who vote yes will say. I am all for same sex marriage. Do not take this seriously.

  • There is no reason for it at all

    Same-sex marriage doesn't hurt anyone in any way. If it goes against your personal religious beliefs, keep in mind that you are only allowed to practice your religion so long as it doesn't contradict anyone else's rights (ex, preventing a marriage because it says so in your holy books). If it grosses you out, please act like a mature adult and accept the fact that it's no excuse for you to stop two people in love from getting married.

  • Marriage is a personal choice and the government does not have a right to dictate who a person marries.

    Marriage is a personal choice. Whether that choice is to marry someone of the same or opposite gender is not a matter for the government to dictate. Furthermore, many people who object to same sex marriage do so for religious and not political reasons. Since the Constitution calls for the separation of church and state, to make same sex marriage illegal for religious reasons would actually be unconstitutional.

  • Constitutional law should protect the legal right of same sex couples to be married.

    Many of the objections to same sex marriage are of a religious nature. Since the United States observes a separation of church and state, Constitutional law should protect the rights of same sex couples to be married. In the United States, marriage is a way for couples to obtain tax breaks, insure protection such as health insurance, and ensure that their partners and families receive benefits entitled to them. Same sex couples who seek to protect their partners and families should not be banned from doing so simply because they do not fit the traditional Judeo-Christian model of marriage.

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