• Humans extinction is on the way

    It is against the nature law and we need to stop this weird act. And we need one male and one female to produce the next generation so it is super bad in long term. The civilization only exist if there are humans. If we were gone.... Then were is our future????

  • Despite what our country's law now states, I must protest against same sex marriage!

    While it is true that God has given us the free will to choose whoever our hearts desire the most, He does not approve the concept of same sex marriage. When God created Adam and Eve, He always intended for men and women to come together as one through love and marriage in order to have children to carry on their bloodline and legacy. Same sex marriage is disgusting and appalling and very, very sickening! In my opinion, all proper romantic relationships should remain men and women only, not two men together nor two women together!

  • Read the Bible

    In the Bible, which is completely true and infallible, God makes it clear that same sex marriage is wrong, not just bad. He (God) destroyed cities because of homosexual acts. He created us male and female, not male and male, or female and female. Still, this does not mean that God does not love LGBT people, they are sinners, like everyone. God loves them, in fact.

  • Immoral and unnatural

    The female and male body parts alone are enough of an explanation for why this is so bad. This goes against how people are supposed to be naturally. No one person is born this way.. Same sex couples are detriments to society because there is no way for them to contribute. No kids, no society growth. Simples as that.

  • Same-sex is disgusting

    Same sex is very and highly and extremely disgusting. It's the lack of / too much love on oneself projected to others on the same sex. I don't need to debate on it. Cause deep down inside of us, we all know it's wrong. I know it because I almost choose to be les, but the more I think about it, the main reasons are idolatry, self induced pity to name a few. You got a choice. You always do.

  • Equality is not bad

    Although, according the bible homosexuality is a sin, this religious faith should not affect how the rest of society lives. If you don't believe same sex marriage should exist just don't marry someone of the same sex. Stop trying to force your beliefs onto others. Someone should not have to be forced to live their life according to a religion they do not believe in.

  • I Can Make Straight Women Gay

    Look here, I have the looks of an extremely handsome man. Actually when women look at me, they are so astounded by my handsomeness. My girlfriends have all desired me because of my great looks, good intelligence and amazing performance in bed. I have engaged in many threesomes where the women would perform what would be considered homosexual acts. That is why same sex marriage is good

  • Yooooo listen here

    Love is love. People can't control who they love. No matter what you were taught when you grew up, gay people cannot change. Just because you choose to believe in the bible, does not mean it's all true. It has been translated so many times that some of the words are most likely jumbled around. For example when the bible says "a man shall not lay with another man" they were actually referring to a man and a boy a.K.A pedophilia. Also if you truly believe that it's okay to rape your wife because she's your wife, then you have problems. (that's in the bible)
    Anyway what's your damn problem with gay people or people in the lgbtq+? If you complain about "how wrong they are" then why do you keep talking about them? It's seriously annoying. Also saying that same sex is "extremely disgusting" is just an opinion.
    Have you ever seen god?
    Have you ever heard god speak?
    NO Probably not. I know the whole faith thing kicks in and you truly believe that something you can't see or hear exists but who says god is against gay marriage? Obviously God didn't wright the damn bible. Homophobic middle eastern people did. They probably wrote it because they thought gay people were gross. That doesn't mean it's wrong. The bible is probably just made to keep people good because they fear of going to hell. After all, it is a smart idea.

  • Wow its 2016,

    And the are still a holes who first think there is something wrong with 2 individuals being in love enough to marry and that it is any of their business any how.
    Those on the yes side, those ignorant poor deluded fools should consider one thing, why should anyone suffer bigotry and discrimination in this modern world. Why has a belief in an imaginary god and the teachings of flawed individuals supersede the wishes of a living breathing fellow human being.
    Perhaps its time we stopped asking the bigoted religious amongst us for an opinion on anything important. The answers they give are dumb as a box of frogs.

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