Same-sex marriage now legal in England and Wales. Should the U.S. follow?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • It's long overdue

    Some people argue being against same-sex marriage doesn't make them a bigot. Yes, it does, you are telling a group of people that because of what they are, they are below you and don't deserve the same rights you do. There are medical and legal reasons that you are worse off if you are not legally married. This is both a status thing and a quality of life thing. End the bigotry.

  • Why was this ever an issue?

    In my belief, the reason why it has taken so long to implement same sex marriage is because of the American government. Compared to men, women only hold 17% of the seats in congress, leaving a whopping 83% of the seats held my men. 87% of these men are white, and in American white males are generally Christians and are straight. These white, straight, christian, men are afraid of change. They put their own beliefs in the state when obviously, the Church and State are SEPARATED. Yet, because of these statistics we have not seen the rightful judgement to legalize love as it is, no matter who's involved.

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