Same-sex marriage will increase the population of gay people?

Asked by: Olivier7
  • Yeah i'd say

    The fact that they weren't allowed to marry before is like sayin that they are less human then straights. Wack as shit. Now that they actually feel like equals they have nothing to hide.The question is a little weird tbh, the population of gay people won't increase literally but more people will be open about it. Infact in a way i kinda disagree as there will be less babies in the world which i think is a good thing. Eww overpoulation not for that shit. Therefore less people, less gay people. Sorry kinda went on a bit of a tangent. I guess they could just get a donar, so maybe there would be more. I dunno lol k byee bitches

  • Sure, because when black people gained equal rights, more people wanted to be black.

    But seriously, it won't make more gay people. It's just that more people are going to be more public about it. I don't know how true it is, but if people know your gay, I'd think they'd receive abuse. Shoot I just want to finish up these last eleven words!

    Posted by: Rami

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