• Gay people are born gay

    The Bible is filled with lies and bigotry and can't be trusted. The Quran is also filled with lies and bigotry and can't be trusted. The Book of Mormon is filled with lies and bigotry and can't be trusted, etc...

    I don't trust mainstream science either, but science and evidence do suggest that homosexuality is an epigenetic phenomenon, therefore Gay people are born gay.

    Gay people getting married and raising a family doesn't hurt anyone and is fair.

    Religion is a fairy tale, and religious people should not force their views on others or on society.

    Therefore I think there should be Gay Marriage all over the world, amen

  • It's not like it hurts anyone.

    Legalizing gay marriage would not physically hurt anyone. The only people who are really against this are religious people or people who are grossed out by the concept. Not legalizing gay marriage does not provide an advantage to the government, so why not legalize it? The constitution states that every man is equal, and no one shall be denied freedom and equal rights. Plus, it is morally accepted by the UDHR and legally accepted by the ICCPR. If the definition of marriage is between a "man and a woman," why can we not just change it? We have made bigger changes in history, such as letting dark-skinned people have freedom or taking away power from the catholic church, so a change of definition (even a longstanding one, such as marriage) is minimal. I see no valid reason to not legalize it.

  • Jesus is irrelevant.

    Marriage is a basic human right and I think denying people it is just plain wrong. It is not the government, nor anyone else's right to go around saying who can lay with who. The only reason people are against gay marriage is because they listen to the teachings of a book that says the sun revolves around the earth and that they earth was only here for 2,000 years. These people need a reality check, NEVER in the bible did God condemn homosexuality.

  • It should be

    Yes, Gay Marriage should be allowed because it is none of our business what people do in their bedrooms. 21st century and still discrimination, really? I'm also tired of people using their religion as a excuse such as "God hates fags" or "God hates homosexuality". It doesn't effect people that much.

  • Why are people still against this?

    I honestly can't understand the reasoning behind people who are against same sex marriage. There two arguments are its "not normal" and that marriage should be between man and woman are ridiculous. What business is it of anyone else who someone marries or what their sexuality is? We should be moving forward as a society and granting gays the right to get married, rather than stopping people from being happy because you are uncomfortable with it.
    And with more and more people choosing to get married outside of a church and without religious ceremony I don't see why people can still use the whole 'religious argument' when marriage is no longer a religious event for many people. If they can't get married in a church, that is one thing, but to say they can't get married at all is just unfair.

  • Why would someone else's sexuality be my concern?

    The only people that seem to have an issue would appear to be jealous closet homosexuals. Why else would any one be invading the privacy of another. They also appear to be constantly thinking about gays, more than out of the closet gay people it often appears.
    People have the right to marry and be happy, what right does anyone have to voice concern about someone's sexuality to anyone else? Just come out haters, you will be happier.

  • It is for the better.

    Think of it this way, if you do not support gay marriage, go up to the next homosexual and say "Hey, I see that you like the same sex. That is different than my beliefs, so I don't want you to get married." That is right, because you can't just look over your own discomfort, you must make two people that are in love not get married. Let that sink in. Also, go to an adoption home or foster home. Say "Hey, since I don't want gays to get married, guess what? Adoption rates will drop hugely, and you will most likely get chewed up and spat out in this system. Have a good 10 more years!" Let that sink in. If you disagree with me, I accept that, but also think about what I am saying before you comment and vote.

    Posted by: fdp1
  • Yes yes yes !

    Yes it should be acceptable why not love is love! Everybody has an option ! If You don't like the same sex then don't be with the same sex ! You be who you are and they will be who they are ! I Have no problem with it. As long as their happy. Nobody is forcing you to be "gay" there just giving people the option to be happy this is a free contrey we should be able to love who we want

  • Yes, same sex marriage should be permitted.

    Same sex marriage is very divisive topic which generate a lot of debates. First of all, I am confident that homosexuality is inborn behaviour. Which means that it is not a choice. Either you are or you are not a gay. Second, there is a strong argument that marriage is a relation between man and woman for the purpose of having baby. On the other hand, there are many marriage without children. Therefore I consider the latter argument as nonsense. To put it briefly, I am strongly convinced that gays should have the same right to be married couple as anybody else. There is no reasonable reason for banning same sex marriage.

  • There is not logical reason for it not to be legal.

    As a society, we understand that it's immoral to discriminate against sex, race, religion, ethnicity, disability etc... So why should it be okay to discriminate against others for something they were a) born as, so couldn't chose and b) Does no harm to any other members of society?

    We are fortunate to live in a county were everyone is equal, people die for this privilege every day, and have died here so that we could have them. Taking away someone's rights because of who they love would be an insult to these people.

    (Bellow are counter-arguments to common arguments against same-sex marriage).
    'It will harm society."
    it doesn't harm any members of society. None of the societies that have legalized it have in anyway seen any negative implications.

    "It's legalization would lead to paedophilia, incest..."
    Many arguments against it are illogical, and identical to those used to argue against interracial marriage, saying that it's legalization would lead to paedophilia, incest and bestiality to be legalized, when clearly they haven't.

    "Marriage has been the same for thousands of years."
    While people like to argue that marriage has been the same for thousands of years, in reality it really hasn't. As many people who are against gay marriage are christian, I will use Christianity as my example:

    . In ancient Israelite societies, there was no marriage ceremony (as we have today). The bride and groom were seen as married when the woman (who was normally aged around 13) was betrothed to her husband. After the marriage was consummated he paid the bride-fee to her family to compensate the loss of her labour. After this she was essentially considered his 'property'.

    . The very act of a marriage ceremony has changed considerably. Before the 9th century, couples merely had to make vows to each other, without witnesses to be seen as married. In fact, it wasn’t until the 12th century when priests are documented to become involved in the ceremony, and then a hundred years later before they began to perform them. This proves that Christian marriages haven’t always been the same and contrast with other marriages from different eras.

    .The purpose of marriage has traditionally been used as a form of business, money power and survival. There were very few love marriages. Most in fact were driven by the prospect of money, for example since women had poor education they had little options so needed someone to support them. Men benefited financially as when they married their wife they had control of their inheritance including property and money. This contrasts directly with our 21st century ideology of marriage being to show commitment and love, therefor marriage has changed.

  • No gay marriage

    I am a Christian but to me this is really a non issue. Homosexuality is a behavior, a choice. There is no civil right involved. This is not like the civil rights movement of the 60s that African Americans went through. I will say that YES, gays have the right to have sex with who they want. But to say that it is not a choice and there fore is a civil right, is rediculous. Marriage is defined as one man and one woman. And to anyone who says the definition has been or should be changed, I have a question: who gets to decide if the definition of marriage, which has been in place for centuries, is changed?

  • Marriage is between

    A man and a woman. That's the legal definition of marriage. If you turn it into something else then it is open to all manner of abuse. What's to stop pedophile marriages after gay marriage laws are passed? Or human/animal marriages? Or any other kinds of perversion? Marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman for a reason.

  • What is Marriage?

    Before anyone can determine what relationships may be allowed into marriage we must first determine what marriage is and why the government recognizes it. Marriage defined between man and woman, which has an inherent link to the family unit, exclusivity, and permanence directly produces a common good for society. This common good should therefore be supported by the government.To allow any other relationship into marriage distorts the common good of marriage and should therefore not be legalized.

  • Gay is not okay.

    No! Gay is not okay! Penis in my ass is not okay!! It is a choice, and should not be legalized. Why can't people be normal? And equal opportunity is non-existent in America. If you want to be equal, go to Russia where everything is equal. You will not get everything you want in life, as you should have learned from your parents!! Oh wait, they are gay aren't they...

  • Population Would Decrease

    Before we even start, lets look at the definition. Marriage means a relationship in which two people have pledged themselves to each other in the manner of a husband and wife, without legal sanction. So, if we had man-and-man or woman-and-woman marriage, it wouldn't be officially a marriage. It would just mean that they are destined. And, if we had same-sex marriage, it would mean that our population would decrease as they don't have the same reproductive systems. So, our population would not be able to catch up. Though some people do it secretively, legalising same-sex marriage would lead to an increase in the number of those marriages, and our population would fall drastically.

  • Contrary to Natural Law

    The purpose of marriage is fundamentally procreation and raising the next generation. As homosexual unions are naturally opposed to this natural procreative process they cannot be considered to be equivalent to heterosexual unions. This is why government has a concern in marriage, because it is concerned about the future of the nation through the institution intended to raise that next generation.

  • It shouldn't be.

    Marriage is ment to be between a man and a woman. It also goes against the bible. It would also probably hurt friendships between males. It could also hurt marriage between a man and a woman. Also, being homosexual is a choice. If there is a gene, then why hasn't it been found? Even if there is a gene, then what gene would bisexuals have?

  • Moms can't be dads and vice-versa

    If two men want to hook up and be lovers, at this point I don't give a crap. But as for raising children? No way. I don't care about "your feelings for each other". Two men should not raise a child.

    I'll steal this from Kerfluffer because it works great.

    "As I a Christian, I disagree with gay marriage on religious grounds, but I cannot force this upon others. Neither should others force me to acknowledge a gay marriage as valid beyond the legal status given by the state, which is of a much lower authority than God's."

  • Problem with liberty

    The fact that it is a right. A right bestowed to us by the law. Therefore, liberty is freedom bound to the constraints of the law. You cannot just kill anyone because you want to. Liberty is limited by the law for good reasons. If an alleged right is executed against the principles of the law, then it is in violation of the law. Marriage is another right bestowed to us through the constitution, thus, it is also defined by the law. The law is clear in article 1 of the family code that marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life. Legalizing homosexual marriage will not just change some points in the law, it will be like uprooting the very foundation of marriage. If the other side is only counting on the precepts of liberty to be the backbone of homosexual marriage, then they should also, start asking themselves these questions, if we are to apply the rule of equality then we can marry whoever we want. We can also marry our uncles, aunts, our cousins, even our dogs, our phones we can also marry at the age of six since we are just banking on personal preferences. Is this the kind of marriage that we want our children to grow up to? If you think it is unfair, then what is fair? What is unfair is our willingness to sacrifice the stability of our society for something we barely comprehend.

  • Don't get into our religion

    I am not against people seeking pursuit of happiness and all those different reasons why people argue for same sex marriage, what I think is very unjust is that gay couples can sue a priest or pastor and even the whole church if we oppose the marriage. Gay couples are barging into religion when they know that what they're doing goes against the christian principles. The government in passing those laws is favoring one particular group of people over the other with the excuse of not involving any sort of religion preferences into their law process. That is my position.

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