• Samson would win because

    Samson would win because he was a real person who got his strength from the Nazarite vow from the creator Yahweh. Whereas Hercules is based off of mythology and the son of the non existent deity Zeus. Antiochus epiphanes actually invaded the first Jewish temple and attacked the Jews forcing them to break the torah (laws, statues,commandments), including circumcision and also forcing the Jews to eat swine (pig) which broke the dietary law, he then made them worship an idol which was a statue of Zeus hung on the wing of the temple, those that refused were killed.

  • Samson was a real man with God by his side

    Hercules, first of all, was a fictional character associated with false gods, while Samson was a real man with God's favor. Even if Hercules was real, he'd lose because Samson had God, and the power of God can overcome anything. It is impossible for anything to defeat God, and it's absurd to think otherwise.

  • God is on Samson's side

    Samson's strength is not of his own but given to him by God himself. This tells me that Samson would be as powerful as he needs to be for the fight because God is the one providing the strength through his almighty power and thus Samson should be able to win this fight.

  • SAMSON would win

    Zeus is just a story. The reason i say so is because there is no proof of his existance. BUT there is proof of THE Gods existance. You see it every day. . . People around you. . . . And the whole entire universe. Those athiests who believe in the big bang. I ask you to turn water into a Big star. . . Or a pencil into a Lion. . . Or nothing into something. I mean in this case all Christians know that Samson had power through God and he would kill hercules with one blow

  • Samson has God while Hercules has a god (just a common god many Hercules fans don't know about)

    Although Hercules' displayed a better FEATS, Samson's story was based on God's purpose and sufficiency, The cutting of the hair was designed upon Samson's prayer to God to magnify the sufficient strength of God, If a deathbattle has to happen God will suffice adequate strength to Samson to destroy Hercules.

  • My Faith word

    Samson is the choosen one by God. . In this case the truely omnipotent God. . And Hercules. . Just figure that not exist. . All of his story' just direct to his self machonism. . What i get here is just his arrogance. A Superman who can do everything and conquere anything. I don, 't like Figure like that at all, Not good model. Samson near his death, Bow his head and pray to God show his low profile and confession. This is the truely man. And the truely strength absolutely

  • Samson would win

    Samson would win becausefirst of all hercules doesnt know samsons weakness so hercules would not cut of his hair and that would be cheating. Second of all hercules is myth and if he was real he would have is strength but not be a god. And in a real fight if god saw that samson needed some help which he wouldnt god would of gave him extra power a special tactic. AND lastly everyone knows gods helpers or those that are loyal to god always win like in david and goliath

  • Samson takes this easily

    Samson has absolute extraordinary unlimited supernatural strength from God Almighty himself. With the power of God Samson is able to easily overcome any trial or obstacle in his way, we see this many times in the bible. When Samson is placed in a situation that seems to be hopeless, God always gave Samson enough strength to overcome that situation. If Samson where to meet Hercules God would give Samson enough strength to overpower this fallen Demi God known as Hercules.

  • Samson wins by default

    We cannot credit Hercules to his feet without accepting the reality that he is the son of Zeus. Why? Hercules was first and foremost an accident of a relationship Zeus had with a maiden, therefore we cannot say Hercules on his own is strong, as Zeus is a prerequisite to their being a Demi-god such as Hercules in the first place. Therefore Hercules is contingent on us saying Zeus is real. Since Hercules lives in this sort of spiritual context and derives his power from it, we must give Samson the same sort of opportunity, as without both of their respective G(g)ods
    they are equally useless. If this is the case then Samson is guaranteed victory since in his spiritual context he derives his power from an All-mighty God, from the TRUE god, (I say this as this means that Zeus, as a lesser spiritual being or fallen angel is possible within Samson's spiritual context although no mention to this is ever made.) So if Samson's source of power is the infinite origin of everything he 100% wins.

  • Finally Samson will win.

    Samson would win because Samson has the power of almighty god Jesus, and when Samson has cut his hair at that time, he pray and got more, ultimate and immortal and Hercules was the god, then Samson is the son of god and god loves him. And main point when Hercules fight with Hydra he used huge strength and when Samson broke the Greek palace easily, and Hercules is the god that's why he has power, and Samson has the power of Jesus Christ and it is wrong belief that with out hair Samson will be weak. Samson is stronger than Hercules uses poison arrow and weapons, but not Samson because Samson is the real man with out weapon and fighting with hand and main thing Samson can heal so Hercules will loose.

  • Even without hair...

    Samson still got his strength even when his hair was cut off (around the time he knocked the temple down and killed everyone, including himself) but still because he believed in that one god who, like someone mentioned above, created EVERYTHING! So in a fight, I think Samson will win.

  • Samson is real

    Samson would win because he can ge unlimited power from the almighty God Jehovah wheras Hercules can only get so much power because he is the son of a lesser god Zeus. Hercules and Samson both fell at the hands of women. Finally samson killed more at his death than all that hercules killed combined.

  • Samson Flawless Victory

    Based on the simple fact that there is only ONE God, Samson wins this.
    Zeus's father, Kronos, was a TITAN. He was the leader of the Titans. Not a god. Therefore, Zeus is son of a Titan.

    Samson's God resides in the higher spheres of Paradise while Zeus lives in Mount Olympus,which is on earth. And we all know who created earth right !?
    Keep in mind that Samson and Hercules were mortals. They both died 'because' of women.
    Delilah told Samson's secret on purpose, for a certain profit.
    Hercules' wife gave him that poisonous centaur blood 'cloak' not knowing it was the centaur's trap.

    To sum up, Samson wins because his God owns everything on earth including Mt Olympus where Zeus lived. Surely, God will help him because Samson believed in that ONE GOD.

    The End.

  • Samson wins because he always gets enough power to win

    Samson defeats a lion, or an army of 100,000 men, or pulling down a temple, whatever is required he can do it.

    So however strong Hercules was, Samson would be given the strength to beat him in a fight if neccessary.

    Nine more words needed but no more to say.

  • Hercules is the son of God

    Hercules has the blood of God as he is the son of the most powerful God Zeus. Hercules killed monsters centaurs and giants. Also, Samson has the vulnerability of his hair being lost. If mortals were able to capture Samson, Hercules easily could. Samson does not stand a chance! Hercules would win.

  • Let's do a match up.


    Intelligence: Both get a check, at least for battle intelligence
    Strength: Both have it
    Equipment: Sampson has nothing but bronze age armor. Hercules has a club, an impenetrable pelt, and arrows dipped in hydra blood.
    Special: Sampson has his weakness of possibly losing his hair, and Hercules (or Heracles) has the strength of being semi-immortal.

    No contest. Heracles wins big time.

  • Because Samson is lame.

    Hercules strangled a monstrous lion with his bare hands, killed the hydra into luggage, outran a beast that could outrun an arrow, captured a giant boar, cleaned the sh*t from divine livestock in a stall by redirecting an entire river, defeated birds whose beaks were bronze and sh*t was toxic, captured a bull, four man-eating horses and a three-headed dog with his bare hands, and beat another dog with two heads to death with a club.

    What did Samson do? Killed a lion (where have I heard that before) and 100,000 men with his bare hands? Please.

    Hercules would make Samson his b*tch every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • Hercules Would Crush Sampson

    Killed a Lion
    Killed an army with a bone
    Lost all his strength because the lady he was chasing cut off his hair
    Killed himself by dropping a building on his head because people were making fun of his bald head.

    Killed a Lion
    Cut off all the heads of a Hydra, then buried its living body
    Travel to the pits of hell and capture the guardian of the underworld, the three-headed beast called Cerberus.
    Killed himself after being poisoned by his jealous wife
    Became a god upon his death

    Even if Samson had his hair Hercules was more cunning and more powerful. For those arguing that God or god has anything to do with this completely missed the fact that it is a ridiculous question. It's the equivalent of asking if Superman is stronger than the Hulk.

  • Hercules would win because he's better in every way.

    Putting religion aside, Hercules is better then Samson in every single way. Now let me count the ways:
    1. Hercules is a demi-god; while Samson is only a mortal
    2. Hercules had extraordinary strength; and unlike Samson he could not lose it by a simple snip of the scissors.
    3. Hercules predates Samson by about 2,500 years (so in all likelihood Samson was a fictionalized character based off Herc, just compare Bible flood to the thousand others, Jesus to Mithras, and Joseph and Bellerophon having their master's wives accuse them of rape).
    4. As for existence there, if you want to be technical there is far more evidence of the existence of Hercules then there is of Jesus Christ, and far more evidence then Samson. (Look at the cities, places he is said to have visited, his stories were told all over the Mediterranean not just Greece, and both Alexander the Great and the Spartan Kings traced their lineage to Hercules so there had to an historical figure).
    5. As for feats Hercules trumps Samson ten thousand times over; and Samson pales in comparison.
    -Hercules killed the Nemea lion who's hide was impenetrable; while Samson killed one lion
    -Hercules accomplished many other feats, including slaying the Hydra, captured the Erymanthian Boar, cleaned a stables with 3000 animals in one day, captured Cerberus and so on.
    6. Hercules defeated more people. Hercules captured Troy, Ociechelia, Pylos and other cities; defeated the amazons, giants. (while on other hand what did Samson do? He killed about 100 people, while Hercules destroyed whole cities.

  • I think that Hercules would win in a battle against Samson.

    I think that Hercules would win in a battle against
    Samson. All Hercules would have to do is
    cut off Samson’s hair. Hercules had the
    power of a God. Samson was just a guy
    who was supposedly strong. Did Samson
    ever do any of the same things that Hercules did? No.

  • Samsons beaten by a haircut

    Samson's part of the bible is relatively short and comes to a bitter end, while Hercules is widely present in legend and is the son of a god (himself considered a god). Hercules did not just have strength - he was a brilliant tactician, who easily out planned and out smarted his opponents.

  • Hercules doesn't have an easily exploitable weakness.

    Hercules would win because Samson loses all his strength if his hair is cut off and Hercules is quite clever; likely enough to figure it out. Also Samson destroyed a temple; well, Hercules destroyed part of a mountain in one blow to create the Strait of Gibraltar. Which do you think takes more strength? In addition Hercules has Poison Arrows and could simply shoot a poison arrow at Samson. Hercules has one other insurmountable advantage; he's an epic hero and epic heroes ALWAYS win. So Samson doesn't stand a chance.

  • Why hercules would win

    • Hercules has the Namean lion which is stated to be a able to completely cover him. If you remember, The lion grants invulnerability

    •Hercules has infinite strength because he lifted the heavens which is stated to be infinite in greek mythology

    •hercules' stamina and speed is likely high because he ran after the hind of Artemis for a year, Which is faster than an arrow

    •Contrary to modern belief, Hercules is not a knucklehead (unlike samson) and was actually described as being trained VERY well

    I don't remember samson having invulnerability, Wrestling with a lion larger than a human

  • Hercules is a god

    Ignoring religious aspects, I'll treat this a Deathmatch. Both have superhuman strength, But Hercules is A GOD.
    Although he was born a demigod, He became a god after he died. Canonically that means that he is currently an immortal being, And furthermore, The strongest god in Greek myth.
    It's a matter of scale. Samson knocked down a big temple. Hercules literally held up the sky, Which weighs 5. 5 quadrillion tons. (http://blogs. Britannica. Com/2012/01/how-much-does-earth-atmosphere-weigh).
    Furthermore, Hercules is immortal, So even if Samson got him in a headlock or something, Hercules just has to wait for Samson to get hungry/tired.

  • Heracles is much stronger.

    He strangled two snakes as a baby, A lion as an adult, Shot the sun with an arrow, Fought Ares, The god of war, And won twice, Fought Thanatos, God of death, And won, And even pushed two continents apart. Did Samson ever do things like that? I don't think so.

  • "Heracles" in Greek not Hercules thats Roman"

    Sampson was NOWHERE NEAR the threshold of strength that Heracles has demolished. Heracles is a Demi god which in Greek polytheism means that he is half god but still a f***ing god. Sampson was a drunk who fucked a prostitute from Gaza out of wedlock, Married a philistine (Big Bad Army in the Bible and a mortal enemy), And prayed to his imaginary friend if his book is true is still wouldnt even come close to the feats Heracles has preformed.

  • Th ujjh un

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  • Hercules has done more than Samson has.

    Christ, is as real as Zeus, Odin and the others because of the power their followers gave them. Not to mention the fact that they're both chosens of divine celestial beings. Let's break it down.
    Hercules did 12 labors while Samson killed 10,000 men. Which is a good feat, but Hercules also held the world on his shoulders, killed a bull of Hephaestus and scores of haplesss monsters. These monsters where like armies themselves. Hercules wins because he achieved more with his strength.

  • No or a draw

    It's either a draw or a no as both sides are depending if God, the almighty or zeus exist. Samson is a man with power of God while Hercules was the son of a God. In end it's all just stories, both men might of been strong. But as for power of the gods, well depends if you believe in them.

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whatledge says2013-12-23T23:59:38.533
If both were to be compared in the context that they exist, then naturally, both Zeus and YHWH must also exist. In that context, I would have to say that YHWH is more overpowered than Zeus, given the omnipotent characteristic along with omniscience. Zeus has been outsmarted by mortals before, so whoever has the support of YHWH would win, should YHWH choose to intervene.
GWL-CPA says2013-12-24T01:06:43.993
Why do children-like adults get to post nonsense questions like this?
00r3d says2013-12-24T01:21:45.577
What would happen if an unstoppable force met an immovable object... Same principle.
GWL-CPA says2013-12-24T01:25:01.107
Silly nonsense for children
theta_pinch says2013-12-24T15:25:49.037
Christianguy55 about your comment about Samson being real and Heracles being fake; both were based on real incredible warriors of their time. Archaeologists have found evidence to suggest there was really a great warrior called Heracles. Also you have no evidence that Samson really did have as much strength as you say. The only evidence you have is a story told for thousands of years and eventually written down. Your only source is about as reliable as the Heracles epic.
GWL-CPA says2013-12-24T18:13:26.470
Theta_pinch, you need to get a grip with reality. Hercules was a Greek god in Greek mythology. Samson and Delilah is a fairy tale in the Bible in the book of Judges - chapters 13 to 16. No archaeologist could possibly find any evidence that Heracles or Samson and Delilah actually ever existed. But, please do site your sources.
theta_pinch says2013-12-24T18:41:07.177
I didn't say they actually existed as the legends portray them I said that the legends were BASED off of real warriors. My source for Heracles was the National Geographic documentary Clash of the Gods: Hercules. Which talks about the legend of Hercules and its relationship to reality. About Samson being based on a real warrior; I am not quite sure but it seems likely considering how many myths are BASED on real people.
GWL-CPA says2013-12-24T18:56:29.177
Theta_pinch you stated:

"Archaeologists have found evidence to suggest there was really a great warrior called Heracles."

You cannot support that statement; it is solely your subjective opinion.

I think you misunderstood the National Geographic documentary.
theta_pinch says2013-12-24T19:29:20.617
Great warrior meant a warrior who was really good at battle not a warrior who killed the Hydra or was semi-immortal. I didn't misunderstand what it meant. The National Geographic Documentary talked about archaeological evidence of a warrior near the place were Hercules was said to live. It didn't say that Epic Hercules Existed; nor did I. However I will admit my comment might have been a bit vague. I suggest find and watch the documentary.
GWL-CPA says2013-12-24T19:35:08.023
No point to watch anything. This question is a stupid question, like many at this site.

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