Samsung slashing 2015 lineup: Are there too many smartphone models on the market?

  • Yes, there are too many smartphones.

    Samsung is slashing it's smartphone prices and the dilution of the market is to blame. The most successful model for smartphones is the IPhone. What seperates the IPhone from the rest, besides the ubiquitous marketing, is the singularity of the product. They only produce one phone model every couple years.

  • Yes, there are too many smartphones on the market.

    For the average consumer just entering the smartphone market, the decision as to what smartphone to purchase is utterly overwhelming. If price is a significant constraint, then the options are somewhat limited, with just enough Android and Windows based options to ensure the consumer can find a decent product for their price range. But if price is not an issue, then the number of choices is truly astronomical, and fully understanding and evaluating each possible product before purchase is a lost cause.

  • Variety is the spice of life.

    Different people want different things. I want a smart phone that will zip through websites faster than a desktop. My husband wants better quality pictures. Every feature on a smart phone cannot be the top of the line. Manufactures need to focus on one thing to optimize the sale of their product.

  • More Smarthones Please

    Judging by the latest Samsung reports one can assume that the smartphone market is over-flooded and results are deteriorating. On the contrary, more smarthones please. The buyer wants more and more sophisticated models with bigger memory, better camera and improved features. The future of the smarthones appears to be the customer-focused models, like a more business oriented device for a Forex trader and a more complex features phone for a freelance translator.

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