• Apple hasn't changed. Samsung is forming a new beginning

    Unlike the Apple of Eden on my right... Samsung has been revolutionizing the way we use phones, tvs, etc. In our everyday lives. They have been implementing new technologies across their devices, and they work seamlessly with one another. Apple has been using the same "Revolutionary new phone" saying for the past 8 Years!

  • Apple's the Best.

    Apple came up with a plethora of innovative products that revolutionized the media & technology industry. Not only was the iPhone a groundbreaking piece of equipment, the inbuilt technology was an extraordinary leap in terms of the functions that could be executed so sleekly and simply with just a few taps on the phone. However, after the unfortunate passing away of Steve Jobs, Apple seemed to have went downhill. Having said that, the new interface on ios7 was a complete makeover and life saver. Despite having rather similar concepts of Samsung infused into the iPhone, it actually creates an entirely new setting for the phone, once again proving how classy and sleek apple can be.

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