Samsung's Ortiz-Obama selfie: Does the White House have any right to object to Samsung's tweeting of the Ortiz-Obama selfie?

  • The White House is Justified

    The white house has a no phone no picture policy. David Ortiz violated white house policy by taking a picture with the President. David Ortiz and Samsung are both benefiting from the promotion at the expense of Obama. Furthermore, the white house was never notified that Samsung and Ortiz were partnered or that there was in fact a promotion.

  • Ortiz-Obama selfie photo

    If anything poses a threat to the president, or anything that is put out there as bad on the president then they are suppose to do anything that they can to protect the president from negativity, if there is nothing that poses a treat to the president and he is ok with it than it should be fine.

  • No, not at all.

    I think this was a ridiculous move by the White House. It makes them look childish and trivial, and I see no reason for this nonsense. Wow, a selfie of the president. Who cares, really? There are much bigger things that we have to be dealing with and not this sort of nonsense.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Come on! Now we are definitely getting too suspicious! The White House has absolutely no right to object to Samsung's tweeting of this selfie, because the selfie belongs to the one who shoots it, come on people, is common sense so weird and rare nowadays that we cannot recognize the freedom of speech?

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