• Lax Gun Control Leads to Worse Injury and Death Rates

    Globally, America has more gun-related deaths than any other Western country per 1000 people; it also has the least gun control. Countries that tightened gun control in more recent times, such as Australia, saw gun-related violence fall almost immediately, and there's no reason to think that wouldn't happen in the United States.

  • Only a bonehead could possibly think otherwise.

    Those who love the gun more than the life of their fellow citizens will continue to make dumb ass excuses and illogical reasoning rather than have to face up to the fact that their little preoccupation with the bang-bang stick is destroying lives across the nation. They make pathetic apologetics, its the man not the weapon, the crims wont give up their weapons, its my right to arm myself and other assorted bullshittery.
    13000 plus gun related deaths a year is the price for your obsession and still your unwilling to even make the smallest change. I would ask these numbnuts how many deaths a year do you ignore before something is done?

  • Gun Laws Should be More Clearly Defined

    California has one of the most strict gun laws in the country and assault weapons are banned, but due to a loophole, the shooters were able to easily purchase the guns. I don't have an issue with citizens purchasing guns, but laws should be more clearly defined and these loopholes should be closed.

  • Yes, I agree that America needs tighter gun control, especially in the aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting.

    Yes, I believe that America needs tighter gun control, especially in the aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting. The United States has the highest occurrence of gun-related deaths among any developed nation in the world. There is a direct correlation between tighter gun control legislation and a significant drop in gun violence. Australia, for example, has banned fire arms and has one of the lowest gun violence rates in the world.

  • Keep the guns!!

    You will find that 100% of all the mass shooting in the last 20-ish, with the exception of 1, in america has happen in gun free zones. Should there be tighter gun laws to fight these mass shootings? No. If you were to completely remove guns from law abiding citizens there would be riots against it and you would be leaving the good guys with nothing to protect themselves. The bad guys will still have guns. When Washington made gun laws, their crime rate went up 40 something percent, does that sound like what america should be? A poll shows that 2/3 maximum security prisoners say that they won't confront an armed victim. This shows we need guns to fight guns. They also said they are more afraid of running into armed civilians than running into the cops. If we put fear into these fellows hearts, they will not attack. By taking guns away, you take the fear away, they know that people will then be sitting ducks.
    Even if you were to strengthen mental health checks and target certain groups, the bad guys can just go to their relatives house, a random on the street or pretty much anywhere in america to get a gun. So no, more laws would not work. It's the people that need to change and not the laws. Guns are as useless as a brick unless it's used by the wrong person. When a person gets stabbed by a knife, we hear of the bad person behind the knife, but when someone gets shot we always hear of the gun is to blame. Laws on guns will cause more crime!

  • "The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun"

    Tighter gun control won't help the situation, looking at it objectively I personally see both sides, however I believe that if you take guns away from citizens who can legally own guns you would hurt the situation greatly. Criminals will not follow the laws, obviously, however citizens will not be able to defend themselves against criminals who was to hurt them and their families.

  • America does not need tighter gun control because criminals don't follow laws!

    I can admit that shootings and guns are a problem in America--and that is why we should make it harder for people to acquire guns. They should not, however, be taken away from law-abiding citizens. Criminals do not follow laws, and criminals are the ones who typically commit gun crimes. So regardless of how stringent gun control laws are, there will still be people who acquire guns illegally to carry out what they want to carry out. Laws will not stop them.

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