San Bernardino Shooting: Does the U.S. need to do more about mass shootings?

  • How many more?

    The Unites States is ridiculously ahead of other countries in killings with guns. We had 20 five and six years olds killed by a mass shooter and we did nothing. We are reaping the results of that. Nobody needs the type of automatic weapons used in these types of shootings.

  • Don't claim to know the answer but...

    Our country has entered into some crazy times. We have a lot to be proud of; medical breakthroughs, leaps and bounds in technology and education. We also have some issues that have to be dealt with and obviously mass shootings is one of them. I think we are quick to look for Uncle Sam to find the answer by enacting laws. I really think this is due to a need to see some kind of 'action', getting the ball rolling, so to speak. I believe addressing poverty and the inequality gap is one step in the right direction. Much gun violence occurs in low-income areas, not all but a high proportion. Free health care to all, including mental health and addiction treatment, would also help decrease the violence. These are not quick fixes but this has not been a 'quick' problem that just appeared overnight. Our country has been one of the most deadliest to live in for many years.

  • There seems to be a trend of more shootings and though I am not aware of the solution, something needs to be done

    My opinion will be in the minority, however I strongly believe if more good, logical citizens were armed with legal weapons there would be little opportunity for mass killings. It is our right to bear arms to self defend. As the government continues to restrict guns to citizens, more deaths and more opportunity for these senseless acts. These people were not screened properly and obtained guns from someone else. As evidence in other locations, taking away guns does nothing to decrease criminals or mentally unstable from shooting a mass amount of people. Put guns in the hands of deserving citizens and you will not see the same magnitude of mass deaths.

  • Yes it does.

    Yes. The US needs to do much more to prevent shootings such as the San Bernardo Shooting. It is imperative on the government to create a safer environment for regular citizens. Gun control may or may not be the answer but passing and implementing legislation which prevents access of guns to criminals, drug-addicts, children, alcoholics, and mentally unstable is a must.

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