San Diego Chargers: Does a botched late lead for the Chargers spell trouble ahead for their NFL season?

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  • No it just the first game of the season.

    The fact that the San Diego Charger blew a late lead does not forecast trouble for their NFL season. It the first game of the season the Chargers have lot of time to workout the issues with their Red Zone defense and two-minute offense. No need to panic or fire the head coach.

  • No. One game is not enough to spell trouble for a team

    It was the first game of the season. Do they have things to work on, yes but it doesn't mean the rest of the season will be bad. In the first game of the season, some teams still need to work out some kinks especially if they have rookie starters in new positions.

  • Only Week One

    The biggest key in the NFL is to win your games at home. While it is disappointing to lose a winnable game on the road, it is only the first week of the season. San Diego's biggest problem is they have to play Seattle in Week 2, so they are looking directly at an 0-2 start to the year.

  • Late lead does not spell trouble

    A late lead does not spell trouble for the Chargers because the organization always finds a way to come back from trouble. This is the spirit of football and nothing is written in stone thus far. I would say to give them a chance because they have been through troubles before.

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