San Diego moving companies refusing to move Chargers to L.A.: Is it good business to refuse service to high paying customers?

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  • Is it not good business to refuse service to high paying customers

    Is it not good business to refuse service to high paying customers. Nor is it good business to refuse service to medium or low paying customers. I realize people in San Diego are angry. But, businesses are shooting themselves in the foot purely out of spite. If those companies lose money, then up to them. Decisions have consequences.

  • Chargers will move regardless, might as well profit

    The LA Chargers - formerly known as the San Diego Chargers - have been turned down by San Diego-area moving companies for assistance with their move to Los Angeles. This was an emotional response, and is short-sighted to say the least. Their act of rebellion is not going to change anything, so they might as well make some money on the move.

  • Turning down work is poor business

    Turning down business, particularly high paying customers, is not a good business practice. Providing the business is not illegal or unethical, business should perform the work that is asked, particularly when it is being asked from wealthy clients. The San Diego moving companies will not generate extra business by refusing to move the Chargers to Los Angeles.

  • It is never a good business practice to refuse service to a potential customer like The Chargers.

    The San Diego moving companies that are refusing to provide service to The Chargers are operating on principal, and this goes against good business practices. The Chargers are a team in the national spotlight. A lot of publicity is devoted to their move from San Diego to LA, and if this publicity includes the fact that moving companies are boycotting them as customers, it will translate into negative publicity for the companies. The moving companies should put their professional foot forward and serve the customers that come their way, regardless whether they agree with the customers' move or not. Personal opinions have no place in business, especially not in instances where the business is in place to serve a diverse group of customers.

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