Sanders on care for military veterans: Is the current VA system failing our service men & women?

  • It's broken for sure.

    Just like the rest of the health care system it is broken. We need a complete overhaul on everything, not just the VA system. The new health care laws were helpful, but it's not enough. There is much more to be done, and hopefully Sanders can make it happen. We will have to see.

  • Yes, it is

    Sanders is actually correct on this. I don't agree with him often, but he is exactly right on this. The VA system is definitely failing our service men and women. We owe our service people for everything they do and they deserve the absolute best care they can get. We are not doing nearly enough. The VA system needs to do a lot better.

  • There is never enough Veteran support

    Support for veterans has always been a topic of debate in this country. There are a lot of support organizations and charities intended to help out the veterans but we still have a problem. You see a lot of homeless or jobless veterans out on the street which shows you that the system is flawed

  • We only care until they come back

    Bernie Sanders is right. Politicians talk all the time about being patriotic and supporting our service members, yet once they come back from their service they do not get adequate physical or mental health treatment. The number of veteran homeless is disgusting, and we need a better VA system to address all their problems after they serve us proudly.

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