• I consider Clinton to be a republican in disguise

    Clinton isn't a true democrat. She is saying all the things democrats want to hear. She will not fulfill what the democrats want. Hint: if a candidate is saying everything you agree with, they're probably only saying it to get you to follow them. I believe Sanders is the best candidate. He hasn't flopped on issues. He has kept the same values throughout his political career. He is a candidate for the people and not the corporations. He has not accepted a dime from corporations to run his campaign. I don't agree with absolutely everything he says, but that's why hes's someone I want. He wants to have companies label GMOs on their products if they contain GMOs. Many democrats don't agree with this, but that shows he is not going the popular route, he is going his own route. Sanders is the hands down best choice.

  • Sanders over Clinton

    It's basically choice of keeping someone out, not the best candidate.

    Depending on how you look at it, if you don't want Trump to be president, then Sanders has to get the nomination. There is no scenario in which Hillary beats trump at all. He leads all general polls against her, and that lead will only increase as her e-mail scandal and possible prosecution come to light.

    Hillary however is being propped up by the elite and establishment to win the nomination and the election. They are betting on her following obama's coat tails and getting the woman's vote. The problem with her is she is heavily funded by Goldman Sachs. That should set off red flags and bells and whistles as to who she truly reports to. Absolutely nobody should be voting for her based on that alone.

    What this election comes down to is people are just sick of the status quo and the establishment running things, it isn't working. What obama is doing isn't working. What the rest of the Republicans are wanting to do (minus Trump), isn't working. People are fed up and want a change. They want someone who doesn't act like a politician, who speaks off the cuff, and who isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers. That is why Trump is getting overwhelming support.

    The elite's worst case scenario is a Sanders/Trump election, but because they are propping up Hillary to win, they don't have to worry about Sanders winning. They wanted a Bush/Hillary election, Bush got embarrassed and quit, leaving Trump to basically runaway with the nomination.

    The reason everyone is attacking Trump (media, Republicans, Hillary, Obama, bankers, etc..) is because he is the only one that is threat to the establishment. They are trying to attack and discredit him so everyone turns to Hillary. Now assuming Hillary survives prosecution (which is highly doubtful), there is no chance in hell she'll beat Trump. If she is prosecuted which it looks that way, she's out of the election. Trump will rip her apart in debates linking her to all the corporate puppet funding she is getting from Goldman Sachs. Sanders is the only one who'll beat Trump.

  • #Feel The Bern

    Bernie Sanders should clearly receive the democratic seat. Hillary does indeed know what she's doing, but with all the propaganda and claims about her it's a bit obvious that her social life and political life don't mix well and that's the last thing we need as American citizens. #feel the bern

  • REALLY?! The Best ya Got?!

    NEITHER!!!! Both are extreme socialists. And Hilary is a proven liar and murderer...These are NOT Kennedy Democrats but rather of an entirely other government that resembles communism more than democracy.....Wake up people! Communism oppresses, controls and minimizes human value by stripping them of freedom, personal accountability, and choice - in favor of victimhood and the FED controlling and telling you what is best for you. We are maxed out on this. Obama's health care, the pinnacle of us copying shit thata doesn't work in other countries!! Hence, for top medical procedures, people all over the world flock to the U.S - well they used to anyway before we sold out to socialism/communism. Democrats, come HOME!! JFK is screaming from the grave! He does not recognize his party! He was a proud lover and protector of America and democracy....Bernie and Hilary are sabotagers of BOTH. It's embarrassing. If I had to pick, I'd go Hilary for reasons not all that dramatic or interesting...Basically, she's fricken earned it - far more than Obama, n obviously more than sanders....

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