Sanders says that Trump is a pathological liar. Do you agree with this?

  • I agree that Trump is a pathological liar

    Donald Trump has done nothing but lie ever since he started his campaign for President. His lies propelled him into office and he will continue to lie. My concern is with the millions of people who actually believe him and what they are capable of. I can't tell when he's lying or telling the truth.

  • His lies are constant

    Trump really is a pathological liar. He tends to lie about just about anything to make people like him. There are times I honestly think he is just making stuff up on the fly, saying what he thinks the people want to hear. He doesn't stop to think of the consequences, and doesn't seem to even care about the truth most of the time.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is a pathological liar.

    Yes, Donald Trump is a pathological liar. Throughout his professional life and campaign for president, he has been caught telling multiple lies in order to advance his personal agendas in business and politics. His most brazen lie since being elected president was that millions of illegal immigrants voted against him. This has no basis in reality.

  • Sanders Diagnoses Trump

    For Bernie Sanders to call Donald Trump anything pathological, is a layman's handicapped opinion. President-elect Trump is boisterous, outspoken, unabashed in his delivery, and stretches the facts to meet his agenda at times, but pathological in his methods, probably not. This is the same type of exaggeration Trumps utilizes, and Sanders step down to meet it.

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