Sanders: should authenticity and plainspokenness be a desired trait for a Presidential candidate?

  • Who could disagree?

    Politicians pretty much always lie or use convoluted wording to avoid issues and people please. Politicians running for the Presidency rarely care what the average American citizen is in need of, and instead just look for things to say to gain our favor. It's about time politicians say what they actually intend to do and mean.

  • Sanders plainspokenness appeals to people

    Bernie Sanders authenticity comes through as he speaks easily to people about the issues. This is desirous in a presidential candidate since you can't fake authenticity. If you talk from the heart with passion, people will believe in you and your ideas. This makes it more likely people will vote for you.

  • Yes, authenticity is a desirable trait.

    It's my view that authenticity and plainspokenness in figures of authority makes them more believable when they express their views and plans. These qualities can be faked of course, but when they are genuine, I feel that the average person can sense this, and is more willing to listen. When such figures are giving their audience the more familiar propaganda and unrealistic promises, I personally can often sense it quickly, and lose interest in what they have to say - I'm sure many others react similarly.

  • Sanders: Qualities of a Presidential Candidate

    Over the past decades, trust and honesty are two aspects that have been sorely missing from politics. Politics have developed to the point where being blunt is not always an admired attribute; it seems many prefer the empty-promises and so-called "tactful" diction of certain politicians. Personally, I disagree. While there is a time and place for this kind of subtle and flowery language, there is also a time and place for authenticity and plainspokenness. We rely so much on the speech of those who attempt to sugar-coat things, and we claim that we want someone much more honest; someone that will tell it to us straight without lies or secrets. Yet, at the same time, many of us are offended when a politician, often unapologetically, tells us the hard truth to our faces. If we do not agree with this truth, we tend to shy away and instantly label this politician as someone we dislike because of their bluntness. In my opinion, I want the truth, whether good or bad. I want the knowledge that comes from the truth, so that I can use this knowledge to fuel my decisions in who I elect and what politicians I affiliate myself with. I do not need another person telling me what I want to hear; I need someone that can tell me what I need to hear at the moment. No matter what many others may believe, it is never bad for a presidential candidate to by authentic and plainspoken.

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