Sanders' social programs: Should we be taking him and his ideas more seriously?

  • Yes, I believe that we need to be taking Sanders' ideas and social programs more seriously.

    Yes, I believe that we need to be taking Sanders' ideas and social programs more seriously because Sanders message is very optimistic in approach. Sanders thinks that all Americans should have access to health care and also believes in free college education. I think that Sanders has a good message, but will not defeat Hillary Clinton because he is considered a radical by Washington insiders and dos not do as well with minorities in elections like Clinton does.

  • Bernie Sanders has a long history of government service and should be taken seriously.

    People tend to dismiss Sanders as a socialist or enemy of the rich, but his ideas have merit and deserve consideration. Sanders has answers for some of our country's biggest domestic problems: universal access to health care, income inequality and education affordability. Whether one agrees with his ideas or dismisses them because he has no chance of winning or has the "socialist" label attached to him, his ideas are worth considering. Everyone admits that Obamacare is seriously flawed and Sanders attacks the cost of prescription drugs in his plan to fix it. There is no reason why Americans should pay thousands of dollars for prescriptions that are available at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Sanders also has enough political savvy to realize that governing is synonymous with compromise and understands he has to be willing to give a little to get legislation passed.

  • Yes, Sanders has clear goals that are worth considering

    Bernie Sanders, unlike his competition in both the Republican and Democratic parties has presented useful and clear ideas for dealing with income equality and social programs. Maybe there is a case against them, claiming they are unable to be implemented, but I believe they would work. All other first world countries and many with less money than America manages to have successful single-payer health care that provides on average better care than we have. The same goes for better workers' rights and higher minimum wage.

  • We should not be taking Bernie Sanders' social programs seriously

    Bernie Sanders' social programs are very much a joke. How many places around the world do we have to look at to see that socialism is a failed experiment. There is only so much of other peoples money to pay for those who do not contribute to society. Thank goodness Bernie Sanders has no chance of winning this election.

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