Sanders staying in race because of Clinton FBI probe: Does Sanders still stand a chance of winning the election?

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  • Dropping out . Moo

    Sanders dropped out of the presidential elections you morons. No wonder nobody chose yes. Sanders is stupid. He is a socialist, and would make everyone get paid the same. That is unfair to people who work harder. How do people not realize that? Look it up and reply, you morons

  • No, he has been mathematically eliminated.

    Even disregarding super delegates, Clinton has won the nomination of her party. If Clinton is indited and removed from the race, the democratic party will still be the one to choose the nominee. Much of the democratic party does not like how far left he is, so the likelihood of him being chosen is very low.

  • Sanders time is over

    While Sanders put up a great fight, I think it's time for him and his supporters to admit that he no longer stands a chance of winning the election. Clinton is now the presumptive democratic nominee, and as she did for Obama eight years ago, it's time for Sanders to stand by and support her.

  • No, Bernie Sanders doesn't stand a chance of winning the election.

    No, Bernie Sanders doesn't stand a chance of winning the election because Hillary Clinton has already amassed the number of delegates required to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination. I believe that Bernie Sanders will realize he doesn't have a realistic path to clinching the nomination, then join forces with Clinton in order to defeat Donald Trump.

  • Even with citizen support, Sanders out of race

    Even with so much support from voters, now that Clinton has President Barack Obama's support, Bernie Sanders does not feasibly stand a chance at becoming the Democratic nominee and then beating out the Republican candidate. Clinton has the superdelegate support as well, and because of this, Sanders cannot unfortunately win the election.

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