• Yes, there must be something more we can do about them

    Yes, I think that better plans for wild fires are needed, because we get to see almost identical story happening year after year. I know that fighting wild fires is very difficult, so we must do everything we can to prevent them in the first place, or at least act swiftly and decisively once they are detected.

  • Yes, there should be better plan for wild fires.

    This can be done through; A 30-foot ‘lean, clean and green’ area should be maintained around homes with 100 feet of defensible space around it. Vegetation should be cleared around address markers, water standpipes and other water sources on roads. Finally, Plan a wildfire exit route and keep a checklist of items to pack.

  • Yes, there should be a better plan for wild fires.

    Yes, there should be a better plan for wild fires because they are spreading at alarming rates. We must have a plan in place to evacuate people and to avoid fires in the first place. Many of these wild fires are started because people leave their campsites unattended and fires spread from there.

  • They already do all they can.

    There are already plans to deal with wild fires. Just because a fire isn't immediately contained doesn't mean that officials don't have plans or that they don't follow those plans the way that they should. Experts already do thorough research and planning into how to address wildfires as they occur.

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