• One exists and one doesn't

    Without God the universe wouldn't exist, and you would have to have faith in the atheist religion that states that nothing came from nothing which exploded and created everything. This is a doctrine which has more faith involved than any religion. Of course atheists would hoose to run this poll on Christmas. They are obcessed with God.

  • Santa is not God

    There are vast and innumerable differences. I won't count them all here, because as my previous sentence has already stated, they are innumerable. Too many to count. Not countable. There are more differences than there are numbers to count those differences. So how many differences is that you ask? One million? Nope, more! One Billion? Not even close? One Trillion?!?! Sir, let me stop you now, we'll be going on like this forever until you run out of numbers and there will still be more differences.

  • God created Saint Nicholas, therefore the former is the creator and the latter is the created.

    In this debate God is defined as the Godhead which consists of the three persons of the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


    If we are to define "Santa" as a mythological and social invention in order to entice the imagination of children, then we can come to the ipso facto conclusion that the difference between legend (Santa) and historical (Christ) are as far apart as the East is separated from the West; thus rendering the debate null and void…


    If we are to define "Santa" as the legends and traditions that have developed surrounding the real person of Saint Nicholas, then the debate shifts course slightly from a perpendicular view (by this I mean that which has negligible comparison between that which is fact [true] and that which is fiction [false]) to one of incongruence (by this I mean the incompatibility between that which is created and that which is the creator). Using the previous understanding and point of view, we can thus conclude that if Saint Nicholas was only a man then he must be different from God based solely off of the fact that the form or essence of a thing cannot be completely the same as that from the essence of which it proceeds.

    ***If you do not agree with this explanation based solely off of my stated definitions of the two mentioned subjects, then feel free to challenge my stance on a separate debate.***

  • What is that supposed to mean?

    Is there any difference? Are you trying to get laughs or are you just oblivious? Unless you're a 7 year old Christian, I think you know the difference lol... They both know who's been naughty and nice, and in the end, they both deliever gifts. But there's one crucial detail that we've left out - Santa's not real... At least not that I'm aware of haha...

  • Its no contest

    God is real while Santa is fake. God is an all powerful being that rules over everything that exist, he created the universe and he is our lord and savior. Comparing santa claus to God is an insult to his majesty and im pretty sure he would not be appreciating the comparison.

  • Of course there is!

    How can one say that Santa and God are one in the same? Santa is a fictitious character that delivers presents to kids who are "good" and has elves that make his presents. God created the universe, and is the supreme ruler who rules over heaven and earth. There is no proof of santa, where as there is a ton of proof that God exists, besides logic points to God as noted above.

  • There is More Than One Difference.

    I am surprised to see God being compared to St. Nick. Some key differences:

    1. We all know what Santa Claus looks like. We cannot, however, figure out what God looks like. Scientists have tried to figure out his physical features but have never gotten any data on Him. He has been depicted, but these depictions are all products of assumptions of human minds.

    2. God is unconditional about his gift. While Santa's gifts are material possessions that legend says he will only give you if you are on his nice list and do all the right things, God's gift is salvation. All you must do to receive this gift is to accept his grace and accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and you will spend eternity in heaven regardless of what you do. Nobody ever said Santa could get you to heaven.

    3. God helps you through troubles you are going through. Santa cannot help anyone as A. He is a fictitious character whose name has a known basis and B. Santa spends roughly more than, and probably even less %0.001 of the year outside the North Pole and is busy running his business the 364 days of the year besides Christmas Eve.

    4. God has infinite power, while Santa could never do the things God did in the Bible. On the Bible, God made his power work through a small and young, yet courageous warrior named David, allowing him to slay a giant named Goliath. Santa could not have enabled a small person to kill Goliath, let alone do that himself.

  • Absolutely there's a difference

    Santa was created to entertain the minds of children, not offer an explanation to how we got here or to find salvation or provide a meaning for life. Santa, being by story or myth or whatever you want to call it, is a physical person. Surely with the technology we have now we could find Santa Clause somewhere in the north pole. Flying reindeer? None have been known to fly as far as I know. God, on the other hand, is not a physical being who does not reside on Earth. God, by definition, is an immaterial, transcendent being. So clearly there is an issue here. Since God is immaterial and Santa is not, placing these two in the same category is actually a category error. And one last point. It is pretty obvious that Santa does not deliver presents in the night on Christmas Eve because, as we know, parents do. So we can rule out Santa as an actual person, while God cannot be proved either, he can't be disproved either.

  • There is a big difference between Santa and God.

    There is a big difference between Santa and God. Santa is a fairy tale and God is real. Santa Claus is currently only a symbol for
    the commercialization of a Christian holiday, and God is the creator of the
    universe. Far more people around the
    world believe in God than Santa Claus.

  • Santa Is God Then?

    I have yet to hear of anyone identify whatever God they believe exits as being Santa. Even if someone, somewhere were to honestly believe this (and I don't think they do, but even if) then it's certainly not a widely held idea.

    Clearly the idea of Santa has nothing to do with ideas about God, and it is foolish to suggest it does.

  • Santa vs. God - Is there any difference?!

    Santa Clause to a child is essentially the same as God. They both are omniscient. They both keep and naughty or nice list. We have songs about both of them. Individuals can ask for gifts from both of them. Santa and God both have 'helpers', and both demand tithes (money/cookies). Santa Clause is basically God with training wheels!

  • No real big difference.

    I am an athiest, i do not believe in god nor, the devil. But, from what i read. Both are no different from each other. Both order to kill on their behaves. They both distroyed the planet and created suffering at one point. Sure you can say god has helped so much. I am sure he did if he existed, but god also created evil. If he created evil then, like us, he made evil in his image no?

  • They're both fictional characters

    There is no physical or circumstantial evidence for the existence of either entity. Thus, it is logical to conclude that until sufficient evidence emerges, there are no differences between Santa and God excluding the obvious ones (which are mostly cosmetic). This argument is not intended to offend the religious; rather, it is merely logical deduction.

  • Yes there is

    Santa is based on Saint Nicholas, who was a real person that inspired modern day santa through giving gifts and leaving coins in shoes that were left out for him. God, on the other hand, does not exist. So while neither exists today, "Santa" was actually a real person once, while God is just a figment of human imagination.

  • Ha ha ha no...

    Santa vs God? They both reward you when you have been good and leave he punishment to some bizarre opposite. The Krampus in the case of Santa. But as religious people are only to eagre to point out "only God is real" which is about as much nonsesne as the people in Scandinavia who stilll think Thor is real. God and Santa have the same control over our lives. We pretend believe that they govern our lives so they do have a real effect on our lives. Makes no difference to how much they actually exist. Which is not at alll for those of you didnt catch that.

  • God is definitely fiction, and I am pretty sure Santa is just my parents, but Santa could be real

    Santa and God are really similar (obviously there are some differences) but I am voting NO because the concept is the same. They reward you for adhering to there code. For example, Santa gives you presents if you are nice and give him eggnog. God lets you into heaven if you stone homosexuals, murder those who work on the Sabbath and spend time in church.

    Obviously, God is not real. I am skeptical of Santa. There is good reason to think it is m parents, but Santa could be real.

  • Big brother!

    The idea that Santa is watching and is all seeing to make children behave is the same as god being all seeing to ensure society behaves. Bold children get a bag of ashes, Bold Christians go to hell. A very similar and simple ideology. I don't know if there is a god but the Christian god is similar to Santa by ruling through fear. Big brother is always watching

  • There is no meaningful difference.

    There are several obvious similarities, Gods always watching and judging, Santa also does this. Santa is like God for kids. I actually have a niece who stopped believing after she asked me if Santa watched her using the Bathroom, smart kid. They both cast judgment on people based on the actions they observe, they both have rewards and punishment for good and bad actions. There are a few differences though, I never heard of anyone killing people or flying planes into buildings in the name of Santa.

  • God and Santa are essentially the same thing, they both do the same stuff but on a different scale.

    Powers list: creation of objects (the universe/toys), omnipresence, judgement/jury/reward or penalty (heaven/toys hell/coal), servitor minions (angels/elves), Wish granting (prayers/toys). We both learn about them from parents, books, t.v. etc. But one, who is more plausible and actually has more evidential support for (you see him at the mall and has physical presence to children), we learn on our own as we begin to have rational thought and grow up, that Santa is just made up. Yes there was a real person (Nicholas), but the supernatural Santa even as children our minds have to have it reinforced by outside influences that the supernatural version is real, because even as children we know it makes no sense.
    We are considered to be grown up and more adult when we no longer believe in him.
    In reality Instead most people just shift their want of a magical world to the more fantastical creation, God. We have been told over and over again since birth that God is real, just like Santa with no more support for God other than a book says it is so, just like a book says Santa is real...

  • They are both fictional characters .

    If there is a difference, it's that children can be forgiven for clinging to their beliefs. There is clear evidence that the bible is filled with a collection of plagiarized stories from cultures that predate biblical times. I'm sure our desperate need to believe in superheroes will lead to other works of fiction being quoted chapter and verse in the future. " According to Harry Potter, book 2 chapter 3......"

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