• Sao is a masterpiece that is the paragon of exceptional writing, Unique plotlines, And genius character design.

    A love story in a virtual world is truly something never seen before. The harem twist was totally unexpected but super believable. Kirito is truly a once in a generation character that does not resemble any other anime protagonist in any way whatsoever. Kawahara is the greatest writer to ever exist, Truly a modern Shakespeare.

  • Why does everyone think it is so bad. . .

    Sao is such a good anime. How is it bad. It has great animation and story line. I can't possibility believe why people say it is so bad! It has a great plot in my opinion, Even tho the romance is a bit cringe XD. But why yall hating on SAO.

  • Fuck anyone who hates this show

    U probably suck off dead people bc yuuki died and yall don't care. Fuck you. When your parents die you guys probably gonna spit on their graves ffs im being serious yall don't have any feelings. You guys are retarded and just talk about gay but yall gay if you don't like this show can yall make anything because ffs

  • I like it

    For me when I watched I sao I didnt find that main problems with it I believe it had a great story awesome characters and amazing animation I don’t really understand why a lot of people hate the series I’ll admit it has it short comings, but to say Sao is the worst anime ever, or the writer doesn’t know how to write is a pretty bold statement. So to answer the question I enjoyed sao but if you didn’t that’s cool just please don’t butcher me for not enjoying the show

  • Yo yo yes

    It is really good. It is not debatable how good the fist season is. If you watch the second season you will see the most complex sister chrarater is all of anime or any media for that matter. Kirito;s sisters dilema is more than relatable it is true to life. Asuna is a charater with so much depth she could be in the real life. Asuna is pretty much exact;y like my GF. I am the lucky. The anime made me realise how precious life truly is .I thnk we can really find a piece of kirito and asuna in everyone. After all i am a lot like kirito. His life and mine practically mirror eachother. LUKY

  • SAO is the best animu ever

    SAO is the best animu ever hands down. Kirito is so hot and I wish I could get the girls like he does. If you disagree I will find you and I will stab you like Kirito would. I wish SAO was real so I could have the sexy sex with Kirito.

  • SAO is best anime

    Sword art online is best anime. Best anime is sward art online. It is best because it has swoards and art. Any 1 who disagrees is dum becas i am wright all de time. My fact is opinion and my opinion is fact. EVERY ONE MUST LISTEN TO ME. SAO IS BEST ANIME

  • Sword art online is top tier anime, The girl is my favorite.

    I like the anime because it is so perfect. The plot is cool and I'd totally be able to survive a zombie apocalypse like Kirito does... Even though it got a bit... Sexual... Think that made me like it more to be honest. See I love insets, me and my sister have play time every week...

  • Could hv been better

    The first arc was truly amazing and had so much potential. . . . The second arc was terrible. .
    Again in the second season I believed they were making up and said was back on the right track but the second half ruined it. .
    I feel that the episodes that HV been released in ali

  • No not good Anime

    Sword Art Online 1st arc was ok but the 2nd was shit and the 3rd bad the Excalibur arc is also bad Mother's Rosie and Alicization is good but if you want to watch a good LN Anime watch A Certain Magical Index or Shagaku no Shana not to mention the 1st Villain has no motivation the 2nd is a creep the 3rd is ok also the in game UI is bad as well as the the Incest crush in the 2nd arc

  • Good but not the besdt

    Its good but not the best anime ever. It has issues but there are stuff I love about it.
    Love Asuna she's so cool and hot. Kirito has cool fights and the animation and music is great.
    Though I wish it was less haremish. Overall a good show in my eyes.

  • Can be good but overall boring

    Characters are very weak and asuna is so basic, They try to make her this strong female but it ends up being tiresome. And don't even get me started on kirito he's every harem anime main character ever and wayyy to overpowered. The only character i somewhat liked inst even in most of it i liked liz and i also liked liz and kirrito's realshonship i like how they actully had to bond and grow to know eacthoher but all of that devlopment is thrown in the trash for this bullshit rushed realshonship betwwen kirito and asuna. They barely talk they have one time were they were parteners and kirito didnt even see her face most the time and then they don't see eachothr for monrths maybe years and then there suddenly in love and shit. Its rushed its boring and its so hard to get through. Even so i will say there are some good things like the idea of being stuck in a game for years is scary and probaly heart breaking to your family and friends. I love that whole idea and premmes and i think at times it is done well. The action is good and they story overall isnt terrible sometimes. But it is nowere near being the best anime ever. It has its moments but overall its boring and unfocuased. And sao 2 is pure dog shit.

  • Literally Degenerate Trap Hentai

    The main character literally turns into a trap halfway through. SAO is a show for disgusting, 14 year old weeaboos that probably want to suck about 1000 penises hourly and still pretend that they're straight. I would rather tie the end of my foreskin to a bus and tell the driver to slam the accelerator than watch another minute of this festering trash.

  • Good, but very, very flawed.

    Many would say I should've said yes but I present the following. Sure SAO, is a decent anime in my book, IF you ignore the countless Kirito harem members that are both one sided, and stereotypical, incest, and questionable superhero powers for our main character. I thought the series was worth watching, and yet, not near close to the best.

  • Seems Fanboys cant use their brain to enjoy good content

    I don't know why Fanboys don't watch good content like Fma, gurren lagaan or one punch man but instead watch trash like Sao is it too hard to just watch good content and Anime how do you think this trash is good . You idiots there are better Anime Fanboys.

  • Cardboard cutouts aren't good characters

    This show is he most basic thing I have ever seen. The animation is generic, the characters are generic, and the plot is generic. The show is catered toward edgy 12 year olds who have never heard of quality control. Kirito wins every fight in SAO because he's the strongest character. This is the most bullshit reasoning ever. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure goes out of its way to avoid this by making every characters' ability unique (I.E. An electrical tower that traps people inside of it and reflects any damage inflicted on it back). This means that no character is objectively stronger, but tactical reasoning and planning give characters the upper hand.

  • Unlike some may think

    SAO has its merits; however, it is an overall weak experience in my opinion as i have watched many of an anime in my spare time. I cant say what anime is the best of all time but i can say that to me it is not Sword art online. One anime i will recommend to those interested though is a new one called "Erased" this show has already after one episode impressed me with its concept and design quality. Keep it up.

  • Bc it is gay and ur gay

    It is soooooo gay just like u are you homosexual pleb. Its about cheesy love between two ppl who just meet each other like how gay is that?? Over 9000 gay. Thats a lot of gay. No whats a straight animoo? Naruto. Naruto is the straigtest animoo. And wow, bleach. Thats also straight. It is soooo much better than sword ¨art¨ online. So ya, no

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