• It sounds like a illuminati situation

    She isn't the only star that died in strange way or unusual situation. He death doesn't make since and if the illuminati had anything to do with it, then they did a good job of covering there tracks. It's a shame that someone her age has died at a young age.

  • Yes, the circumstances surrounding the death of Sarah Goldberg are suspicious.

    The circumstances surrounding the death of Sarah Goldberg are suspicious for two main reasons. First, the news of her passing was first reported on the same exact day that Stephen Collins, her former 7th Heaven cast mate, came under investigation for alleged sexual contact with children. Secondly, she was very young, only 40 years old, and there was never any indication that she had previous health issues.

  • Sarah Goldberg's death definitely raises some questions.

    The sad passing of Sarah Goldberg at age 40 has left many people shocked. While the autopsy is inconclusive it definitely sheds some suspicion. Her mother has stated she had a heart condition, however I would think that would have easily been detected in an autopsy. She died alone in a family cabin which also raises some red flags on the circumstances surrounding her passing.

  • No evidence to indicate is was.

    No I do not think her death was suspicious. The police would have examined her body at the scene, and determined if there were any suspicious circumstances, and no one has indicated that this was the case. Young people can and do die all the time of natural causes. In this case, her heart was suspected.

  • Sources Say Natural

    News headlines stated the cause of death for Sarah Goldberg was natural. Given that, I don't believe it was suspicious is any way. We seem to forget that people die on a daily basis and not all of those people are old. We have no guarantee of our time here on this planet.

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