Sarah Palin turns 50: Are conservative female politicians better looking than liberal female politicians?

  • Definitely, from Europe

    In Europe, it's true that female conservative politicians are much more attractive than their socialist or liberal counterparts. Look at Marine Le Pen, and her niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen in France. Look at Fleur Agema in the Netherlands. Look at many of UKIP's young female members.

    Whether competence matters or not is beside the debate. The question is "do conservative female politicians look better than liberal female politicians", and I think the answer is yes.

  • They are not as mean.

    Yes, conservative female politicians are better looking than liberal female politicians, because conservative politicians are just not as angry as liberal ones. Liberal females always seem to have a chip on their shoulders. Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton just look mean. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann look nice to be around, on the other hand.

  • What does a politicians physical appearance have to do with politics?

    Only in America is this question considered. Only in America can a person win a political race based largely on their looks. A person, such as Sarah Palin, can have limited political experience, a complete lack of worldly knowledge, a questionable moral and ethical code- and still, with winks and sex appeal and good looks can somehow be seen as a viable candidate for the second highest office in the USA. It's baffling how 'better looking' became a requisite for politics.

  • They are both the same

    Both sides politicians really look about the exact same. Physically, they tend to be not that attractive and instead have more of a dominatrix type field as they are trying to tough it out with mostly guys. The absolute putrid personality one has to have to be a politician though makes both sides as unnactractive as one can get.

  • No, it comes down to the individual

    I do not think you can say that conservative female politicians are better looking than liberals. I think that each woman no matter what her party affiliation is are different, and could be seen beautiful. I think instead of looking at what party we should be looking as them as individuals.

  • Instead of being overtly invested in the looks of the female politician...

    We should focus more on what she actually brings to the table. It seems too many people prioritize the looks of the woman more than her actual merit. It is almost as if everyone is aware of Sarah Palin's incompetence, and therefore uses her appearance as though that somehow makes up for everything. It doesn't. So my answer, in short, is that I don't really keep up with which female politician of a certain ideology is better looking than the other. Nor do I care.

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