Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor romance: Will this May/December romance last for these two women?

  • Yes, as long as they treat each other right.

    I didn't know love had a age limit ? We can't control who we fall in love with. Move on their happy. Let them live life happy. Stop beating them up something that is none of your business It's not like they are gonna stop love each other because the public says to do so. If they are happy allow them to be.

  • Age is Just a Number...

    I definitely believe the romance between Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor will last. Many people view it as odd or even taboo because of the age difference. Some may even believe Paulson is using Taylor to gain some sort of advantage - that she is in a relationship to get something out of it. However, Sarah is a well-known actress who is doing great as far as her career path is concerned and does not need to stoop as low as "dating for recognition" to move up the career ladder. I believe both of them to be quite happy and confident enough in their relationship that it will last as long as both of them are happy together.

  • Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor Will Not Last

    The relationship between Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor will not last. First, their relationship in unnatural, which does not allow them a good chance at success. Also, the two have more than a 30 year age gap; Taylor is old enough to be Paulson's mother. The two are from different generations with different ideals, leading to many disagreements.

  • Most relationships, gay or straight, do not last.

    Sarah Paulson has said that she is in love with Taylor. However, feelings for individuals rapidly change, and many relationships as well as marriages flame out and people separate due to fighting, differences, infidelity, or other issues. These two women seem very different, especially due to their age differences. It is likely that if they are different people that their differences will drive them apart. It is possible they could stay together for a long time, but it is more likely that something will drive them apart.

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