• Yes, Sara Paulson deserved to win an Emmy.

    Yes, Sara Paulson deserved to win the Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Mini Series. Her rendition of Marcia Clark was excellent, from the botched makeover to the angst she felt during her divorce from her husband. Sara Paulson was up against some brilliant actresses, who all would've been equally deserving of the Emmy.

  • As much as any of the nominated actressess

    Sarah Paulson won for the role of Marcia Clark in the OJ mini series. As far as the Emmy voters were concerned, that mini series was very well received. It won in several categories and was nominated in lots. So it seems the voters decided it was Emmy worthy, and so was Paulson's performance.

  • Yes, Sarah Paulson deserved an Emmy.

    Yes, Sarah Paulson deserved an Emmy because she is one of the finest actresses alive. The award was meant to raise an actress up to the highest level in TV, and she certainly earned her time in the spotlight. Her performances this year proved she will be around for a long time.

  • Yes, she did.

    Sarah Paulson is an amazing actress and has worked very hard on the roles she plays. Sarah Paulson is a great actress and has played some great roles. Her roles in the American Horror Anthology series have really showcased this talent and she deserves the emmy based on this alone.

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