Sarah Silverman crowdfunding the amount owed to women due to the wage gap: Will her campaign be successful?

  • Will be sucessful

    Yes it will be sucessful, because women are tired of not being paid the same amount as a man. Women will stand up and I think that this will add money into the crowdfunding account to help other women in need. Women are tired of being looked at,as less than a man.

  • There is no wage gap!!

    Want women to overall take home the same money as men maybe try getting the same job as men and you will earn the same!!

    As all educated people know pay discrimination based on gender has been illegal since 1963

    Equal Pay Act of 1963

    "No employer having employees subject to any provisions of this section [section 206 of title 29 of the United States Code] shall discriminate, within any establishment in which such employees are employed, between employees on the basis of sex by paying wages to employees in such establishment at a rate less than the rate at which he pays wages to employees of the opposite sex in such establishment for equal work on

  • No, her campaign will not be successful.

    No, her campaign will not be successful. The main people who would support the campaign will be women : and that would mean them simply giving their money to get it back. Unless there is a significant investor (i.e. Bill Gates, or another of the top 10 richest in America), she could never raise enough money to make up for the many years of the gender wage gap.

  • I dot not think Sarah Silverman's crowdfunding for women's wage gap will be successful.

    Women have long been apart of a wage gap when it comes comparing identical working roles with men. The gap has shrunk some overtime and will continue to shrink. Sarah Silverman's campaign will not bring immediate change but it is another voice in the crowd that is screaming for women to be treated as fairly as men.

  • No, Sarah Silverman's campaign will not be successful.

    If by "successful" it is meant that Sarah Silverman will successfully raise the specific amount of money owed to women due to a gap in wages, then no, she will not be successful. Irregardless of her or her campaign specifically, putting a specific number on the amount of money owed is itself an impossible task. To start with, how far back into history are we to go in our calculations? And how are we to discover the exact dollar figures that every woman has been paid, as well as the amount paid to an equivalent male employee? These numbers are simply not available publicly. It's an impossible, somewhat ridiculous task to undertake.

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