• Hell Yeah !

    If you think about it, pretty much all the cool people will be going to hell. The pious and holy will live for all eternity in each other's company, and I doubt I'd want to be stuck in a world full of priests and nuns for all eternity. Kurt Cobain, Oscar Wilde, Galileo, Aristotle and I will chill out with the devil playing the final level of Guitar Hero 3. Satan is a great guy. I mean, Jesus is there in the desert for 40 days without food, and Satan's like, hey, want some food or water? Or that time when Adam was talking to Satan and Satan explained that God was trying to keep him uneducated so he could control him, so he gave Adam knowledge and free will. Satan is way better than God in this regard, and in his spare time he punishes the evildoers of the world. He apparently plays Pokémon and enjoys rock music, so hell yeah! Go Satan!

  • Satan Totally Owns

    Satan is really freaking awesome. I mean, he possesses people, messes with people's minds, has his own underworld, used deceit to take on an all-powerful leader, and even has MAGIC. MAGIC. Magic. What's God got? Poof, world? Well, Satan's all "Not anymore!" When the time comes, all the really cool guys in hell will go up there and kick God and all the popes out and they'll be forced to move to hell and we'll torture them just for the fun of it. Most importantly, Satan's not a total jerk.

  • Yes yes yes.

    First of all, satan is a cool person for resisting a god who is all powerful, all-knowing, and omnipresent. Why would the devil even try? Because he's cool. Also, if pokemon is satanic, there's no way I want to live in heaven. I'll hang with satan and see if he'll give me a male ralts. (male ralts are the only ones that evolve to gallade) Anyway, none of this will matter for the protestants, catholics and Mormons when they find out that none of this is real, and the true religion Pastafarianism.

    All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Hail his glorious majesty.


  • I don't believe in either, but...

    Satan makes a better character in fiction. My favorite depictions of him are the ones that portray him as sympathetic to mankind and accepting of their weaknesses and vices, and irritated at an uncaring and overly strict God. Plus, you know you've got something going for you if you manage to get Al Pacino to star as you.

  • According to the Bible:

    Satan's kill count is 10 and all those were commited under God's order. God on the other hand, Has killed over 2. 4 million and those are only those that are numbered, That means the flood, The plagues, Famine, And all those random smitings are not accounted for yet. Therefore, Satan has never even killed anybody by his own will. Who is the real evil one here?

  • Think outside the box.

    I see religion as fictional. But if a god and the devil did exist. I could clearly see that if we were to judge the god of the bible by his actions instead of by some belief. People would realize that god is not so good at all. Hail Satan!

  • Satan is awesome

    Satan is awesome. You can do whatever you want with him and he wont care. God has killed more people in the bible Satan. That makes Satan a way better guy. Spciety would be much better with all this crap and just do what you want to do. Satan rules

  • Satan is my lord and savior when I go to hell I'll gather a hell army to go raid heaven and kill your "god".

    Your god's religion is just a business idea to gain money, Satan is my master and he will win a fight with jesus. Satan the god of everything will come back and save me with others from your stupid god who wants me to be a slave to the media

  • Satan is a good guy?

    I agree with those guys, so I think he more friendly to people. He does care about people and want people to be equality of other people not against other people even what race or religion. He support LGBT right for people. He say never harm children and animals, just respect human being and nature.

  • Because he is the less violent and gives love to only those who deseve it.

    God caused mass geonoside to inocents.Satan aka Lucifer is the morning star of venus the love plannet,he is judged because sex is spirtual as lust he has every right to hate god Because gods word says he loves all then bashes gays and is sexist to women he wants you to be equal,If anything be equal to satan and by the way christans J is new in the alphabet it is not even 500 years old his real name is jesus but pronounced as hay zeus aka zeus you worship the god for thunder falling from lighting remind you of something.And satan used to mean peace is Sanskrit.

  • Satan is the father of lies

    Satan will do everything in his power to deceive you and he wants you to fall way from God. If you go to Hell is is the Worst place you can go. Demons will torment you every single second and you are in hell for eternity if God condemns you to Hell. But God doesn't want you to go to hell he want to have a relationship with you. He died so you could live, you need to turn to him. Its your decision. God all powerful he made the heavens and the earth and he made YOU.

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