Satanism is very misunderstood, and is actually a very good and moral religion.

Asked by: Hunter695
  • Despite stereotypes, Yes.

    The 9 satanic sins and the 11 rules of earth are waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the 10 comandments. They only call it satanism because it is the exact opposite of Christianity. In a good way. Satanism does not involve killing, torture or god hating in any way. So see, it's really not bad.


  • An expansion of the above two entries

    Atheistic Satanism followers generally practice principles of human decency. Whereas Christianity allows for past atrocities to be washed away with faith and a plea for redemption, you have to take responsibility for your actions with LaVeyan Satanism. Also, it doesn't influence through fear of eternal damnation, but comprehension of the impact your actions have on yourself and others. And for any atheistic Satanists that wear inverted pentagrams and the like, try inquiring one or two of them with an open mind instead of immediately labeling them as insidious scum of the earth.

  • Yes, but no

    Hunter695 was a bit too broad in his initial question. He didn't specify whether or not he was talking about theistic or atheistic Satanism. Assuming though that he was touching on LaVeyan Satanism, yes I do believe it is quite a moral philosophy, though it is simply that: a philosophy NOT a religion. For example, LaVeyan Satanism detests the idea of punishing an innocent party for your own mistakes, something which Christianity seems to have no problems with. It also rejects the idea of bloody sacrifices and promotes kindness to children and animals. Also contrary to the Christian bible and all the butchering contained therein. Far neater and nicer a worldview is Satanism, in my humble opinion. Ave Satanas.

  • Christianity is a trap.

    Christianity forces you to be ignorant to everything else that is going on in life. For example global warming is an extremely real thing. Christians and trump supporters call it a hoax because "the lord protects them". Christians are a plague of discusting filth on this earth. Make it stop.

  • It is definitely misunderstood

    You can go search about satanism
    and you can also take a look at the satanic bible. Actually, satanism is NOT about witchcraft and worshipping satan, the demon, and summoning evil spirits and stuff like that. Many people who practice satanism do NOT worship Satan, and they don't even think that satan exists. Many people nowadays do not take their time to understand satanism, and aren't willing to, so satanism is very misunderstood. It is actually a moral religion.

  • Yes, from a socially liberal point of view

    Satanists in their actions have been fighting for women's rights and keeping the church and state separate, or at least calling out the state on preferential behavior. Their attitude is along the lines of we should think about the world in a scientifically accurate manner, and not judge others and force people to be a certain way but allow people to do what they want as long as it doesn't hurt others. The religion. When one looks at the values of the religion, and the public actions of the religion most of the things are on the positive end. On the issues that people of the religion have rallied behind, if one like requiring public spaces to treat all religions equally, or feature none at all, or believe that pregnant women should have the choice to be able to have an abortion without being greatly inconvenienced, and coerced otherwise then it is positive and moral. It calls out religious privilege, by seeing if privileges shown to Christianity apply equally to other religions. As one who thinks that church and state should be separate I view these actions as a positive thing.

  • Yes, Satanism is very good and moral.

    If you actually took the time to read the Satanic Bible then you'd realise that - 1. We don't actually believe in Satan. 2- Satan is a Christian creation. 3 - "The 11 Rules Of The Earth" are basically the same as the 10 Commandments but give more detail as to what they actually mean.

  • It is misunderstood, but it also depends on the type of Satanism.

    There are different types of Satanism, that not so many people are aware. The first thing that comes into a person's mind when they say Satanism is worshiping Satan. However, this is not true for all of them that practice satanism. The majority of people that practice satanism do not worship Satan. Some believe Satan is just a force greater than human being which is also proved with science and some do not believe in any god. Satan is just a symbol to them. To standing against god and rules. Standing up for what they believe.

  • Worshiping the being that wants to bring destruction is horrible!

    It's wrong...The idea is just wrong. Satanism tries to explain how murder is right, how stealing is right, etc. To worship an evil being is just immoral alone. It's not misunderstood, I think we all get the idea of what satanism tries to show us. Saying it's moral is a blatant lie.

  • I don't think you understand.

    So, satanism is essentially the opposite of Christianity. This means "thou shalt kill, thou shalt not love thy brother, thou shalt steal, thou shalt bear false witness against thy neighbor, thou shalt covet thy neighbor's wife/house/possessions" are all valid statements. Need I go any further? Or is it now obvious that it involves a lot of really bad ideas.

  • Yes, satanism is generally misunderstood. No, it's not a good moral force.

    Yes, Satanism is a misunderstood religion, but it's definitely not a religion that values fairness and equality. It values privilege and esoteric superiority (though there are also non-satanic religions out there that do the same). I don't consider satanism a civilizing force in the world; instead it encourages inequality, arrogance and corruption. These aren't qualities I favor among human beings.

  • Satan should not be worshiped.

    Just because its the only religion that accepts "everyone" doesn't mean they should be worshiped. You will go to hell and burn, burn, and burn for the rest f your sorry life. Don't worship Satan, and even if you do, what are you getting? What are you actually achieving? Really, im 13 and i know whats up. And is obviously not satan.

  • Agree that its very misunderstood but not that its good.

    I have done extensive research on satanism and no its not evil as many Christians make it out to be but it isnt moral or particularly good either. My main reason for this comes from one of their core beliefs and actions of questioning the golden rule and having the most pleasure with the least consequences (for them). They do not treat others the way they want to be treated because they believe its stupid. This isn't moral, or ethical in the least. Seeking the ultimate payout for oneself often leaves others in need. Like a slumlord or a abusive relationship.

    I also wrote a paper on the subject as changing Satan to the word Rebel within their belief teachings and it is almost transferable, its only satanism because they want to be seen as opposite or radically different then more mainstream religions. Having to pay to be apart of them and the natural stigma also may be enough for them to seem special.. But whatever live and let live.

  • Knowledge of it may be limited, but the name tells you enough.

    There are different kinds of Satanism, but they all have to do with opposition to God, just as Satan showed in the Bible. That's pretty much the root of all evil defined right there, and while there are many who would embrace that principle without taking the name of Satanism (Richard Dawkins springs to mind), certainly nothing that encourages it is good.

    The moral course is what leads to the greatest happiness of all people. As humans, we can never decisively tell what this will be. In a few cases, such as murder, we can be fairly sure, though even then there are debates over capital punishment, killing in war, and abortion - cases where it is not so obvious. No human is intelligent and knowledgeable enough to weigh up all possible factors and determine which course is right or wrong. Only God, being all-knowing, has that capability. Only by listening to him can we really know what is right and wrong, what is for the best for humanity.

    But by rebelling against God, we choose to ignore knowledge that could lead to better results for humanity. That means causing more suffering, making things worse for society than they need to be. It is what Satan did, it is what Satanists endorse, and it is not good or moral.

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Dilara says2014-11-17T23:58:07.657
They value tolerance and acceptance. They also say you should worship the devil. How about we don't worship the devil and we value tolerance and acceptance?
SamStevens says2014-11-18T00:05:57.377
Dilara, what is wrong with worshiping the devil?
Dilara says2014-11-18T03:43:50.273
The devil represents evil and doing bad things. Worshiping bad things is wrong. Most satansist are just posers who want attention. Real satanists who do sacrifices are messed up. Also they teach selfishness and to destroy people you disagree with.
SamStevens says2014-11-18T03:54:19.693
Then again, what some one considers bad varies from person to person. Sacrifices are a bad thing? Major religions today still sacrifice. For example "Muslims engaged in the Hajj (pilgrimage) are obligated to sacrifice a lamb or a goat or join others in sacrificing a cow or a camel during the celebration of the Eid al-Adha.[3][4] "http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Animal_sacrifice#Islam| Isn't that just a double standard?
Vox_Veritas says2014-11-18T21:27:47.910
Even an atheist should agree that Christianity is better than Satanism.
Dilara says2014-11-18T21:35:51.333
Human sacrifice is bad
SamStevens says2014-11-18T22:04:10.103
Dilara "Human sacrifice is bad" Sacrifices of goats and cows are bad too yet Islam condones said killings.
Dilara says2014-11-19T00:10:12.120
I'm a vegatarian and I don't like animal sacrifice. However human sacrifice is worse especially the sacrifice of babies.
SamStevens says2014-11-19T00:14:11.237
Diet aside, major religions and satanism sacrifice based on a belief. So if you want to say sacrificing in the name of satanism is bad, the same would apply in any other religion. " However human sacrifice is worse especially the sacrifice of babies." Who sacrifices babies?
Juan_Pablo says2014-11-19T00:20:04.513
Yes, Satanism is a misunderstood religion, but it's definitely not a religion that values fairness and equality. It values privilege and esoteric superiority (though there are also non-satanic religions out there that do the same). I don't consider satanism a good moral force.