Saturn and its moons: Will the human race ever send a manned mission to Saturn?

  • Yeah, we need too.

    Soon, the earth wont be around, maybe not in our lifetime, but just because it's not our problem, doesn't mean we shouldn't take responsibility for the time and effort to make it possible. Titan and Enceladus will be important for our survival of our race. Sending a man to the outer solar system wont just be essential. It's a necessity. Maybe not now, but later. And starting now will give us time to perfect. So soon, next 10 years, we would need to make a break for it. Push our boundaries, so we can tell if we can. Brave men and women will be needed to do this, but it can be done. We are overpopulating and destroying our planet. It's time to look for another one: before it's to late.

  • Saturn's 62 Moons

    Saturn has the most potential for long term exploration in our solar system. Particularly its moons Titan and Enceladus. Titan is the largest moon in our solar system, it has a dense earth like atmosphere and hydro carbon lakes. These lakes consist of liquid ethane, methane, and propane all useful for colonization. Enceladus is thought to have liquid water.

  • Yes, but not in this lifetime.

    Lets face it, The majority of people (excluding me, I'm going to be an astronautics engineer!) don't give a *carp* about what we do as a species. Heck, most people don't even care enough to help or be educated on the He3 possibility on the moon. What I find the most disturbing though, is that it was only 40 years ago we as a species left Earth, the only known species to have done that. I am actually pretty disappointed with the lack of effort thereafter.

  • Human advancement is progressing more rapidly everyday

    We build upon thousands of years of obtained knowledge and progress with our developments and innovations at an increasingly rapid rate. With the inclusion of computer technology, our rate of advancement and accomplishment is multiplied. We will soon be able to create a livable environment in places that were previously thought to be unihabitable.

  • For what purpose?

    Obviously with it harsh atmosphere as well as other issues it would be uninhabitable by humans. Also, seeing that it lacks a much larger planet for protection like Jupiter does the earth, it would be more likely be even more hazardous because of many more impacts by asteroids, meteors and such. Even a bit of debit from a ship traveling there could cause a chain reaction in the rings to send rocks up to the size of a house flying in all directions.
    In reality, we only went to our own moon for a few years and that was over 40 years ago and we have not sent humans further since.
    Though we have sent probes, I highly doubt that we will ever send people as long as a probe can do the same job without life support or the risk of human lives.

  • Drones, yes, men, no

    What is there for is to do on a gaseous planet even if we did make incredible suits that could survive the varying pressure and liquid. We've got better things to waste money on. Most countries are NOT in the financial condition to make a mission to anywhere right now, though that hasn't been known to stop them in the past.

  • No, not in the near future.

    We are not spending a lot on space travel right now, and Saturn is not a likely candidate to be one of our explored frontiers. It is pretty far away from the earth, and it's rings are comprised of lots of rocks and debris that would be very difficult to get near.

  • No, our technology and human make up cannot survice on Saturn

    No i do not think that the Human Race will make an effort to send a manned mission to Saturn. Saturn is one of the furthest planets in our solar system and also is completely different from Earth's make up. We are no where near being able to travel such a distance with our technology and even further from being able to survive on this gas planet since we are not completely sure of it's make up.

  • Not At This Rate

    Space exploration is a moot point now because we don't fund agencies like NASA properly. I believe it is important for the human race to explore other planets and make advances in technology to make space travel more likely. However, at our current rate, it is unlikely that we will even be visiting the moon again.

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