Saturn's underground ocean: Will humans be able to set up space communities on moons like Enceladus in the future?

  • Yes, we will be.

    We, as humans, are about 20 years away from having colonies on mars and perhaps this moons that have liquid water on them. This is a must for further space travel and to find out whether there is life elsehwere in the universe. This is an exciting time for space exploration.

  • Yes, I think humans will be able to setup space communities on moons in the future.

    I think it will take a long time but eventually our technology will progress to a point where setting up space communities is something that is possible, I think that the human race will eventually be forced to do so as resources start to run dry on this planet in the upcoming decades.

  • Yes, humans will live in space at some point.

    Yes, I believe there will come a day when humans will be able to set up space communities on moons. I think the day will come when our earth has become so polluted and stripped of natural resources that mankind's only option for continued existence will be to set up camps in space.

  • humans can achieve anything

    If humanity can survive long enough, we will reach a state where we evolve into a futuristic society. It is likely that warfare, natural, or biological disaster will destroy our earth long before this is achieved, but if humanity can overcome the medieval aspects of society then we are destined for greatness. In seventy years we went from horse and buggy to space, anything is obtainable.

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