Saudi Arabia Arms Deal: Will this deal begin an arms race in the Middle East?

  • It is a mistake to be arming countries of the Middle East

    The United States should learn that it is dangerous to equip the nations of this region with weapons that they have used against us in time. Iran is a perfect example of what happens when regime changes turn weapons on us and our allies. This is a politically unstable region and it is plagued by unrest and fundamentalists who see us as a threat. We should extricate ourselves from their affairs and leave them to battle each other. The Saudis may be our allies today, nut we don't know how long that will last.

  • Yes, it will

    The Saudia Arabia arms deal is a bad idea, and it could lead to an arms race in the near future. The us should not participate in this deal. It seems like the American military is behind deals like this because it ensures that they will have a job for the forceable future.

  • No, there won't be an arms race in the Middle East

    No, the Saudi Arabia arms deal will not begin an arms race in the Middle East. Military efforts in the Middle East have very little to do with the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. The military conflicts will continue as they have in the past regardless of the deal.

  • There is already an arms race.

    The Saudia Arabia arms deal cannot start an arms race in the Middle East because there is already an arms race in the middle east. Pakistan already has nuclear weapons, and they use them to keep an upper hand on India. Iran has nuclear uranium and cannot be stopped, either. Saudia Arabia is only doing what other countries are doing.

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