Saudi Arabia censors Jewish reporter: Should a journalist's personal background determine their assignments?

  • A country has the right to do so

    I am not for censorship but I also understand why Saudi Arabia did what they did. Israel does the same thing all the time so this is just tit for tat. I take no issue with what the Saudis did as it is their country and let's not pretend they are the only ones doing it. The name Abdulelah Haider Shaye is just one example.

  • Ideally no but everyone is biased

    While journalists should usually be as unbiased as possible, it is inevitable, as humans, they are going to have preconceptions based on their background. Sometimes the background of the journalist will get in the way of unbiased and truthful reporting.
    On the flip side, journalists should sometimes be biased and write about experiences that only they could. The editors (or companies, whatever) should definitely factor in the backgrounds of the journalists to get the best reporting, biased or unbiased, that is fit for the situation.

  • A journalist's personal background determine their assignments.

    Clearly, a journalist's personal background should determine their future assignments. If a person's background would make their job too difficult, they should not be stationed in certain places where it is too dangerous. In the example of Jewish reporters in Saudi Arabia, a person's religion would make their job too difficult to do properly.

  • Saudi Arabia needs to get over it

    I know that will not happen, because they hate Jewish people, but at some point they should try joining the 21st century. I think it was good to send a Jewish journalist to Saudi Arabia, because they actually have to face the people they hate, without harming them. They have to talk to them like actual adults. It should be up to the reporter on whether they want to except a certain assignment.

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