Saudi Arabia-UN Human Rights Council: Are the Yemen violations enough to lose their seat on the council?

  • Yes, they are.

    Yes, there are far too many human rights violations in the Middle East as well as in other regions, and something must be done to stop these crimes. Just become someone has might doesn't make them right. People in Yemen and other places are suffering because of military action and other human rights violations. It's time to do something to stop the abuse, and losing a seat on the council is a good place to start.

  • It seems so

    Human rights watch groups are alleging that violations in Yemen include :Airstrikes. Cluster Munitions. Landmines. Indiscriminate Attacks. Attacks on Health and Humanitarian Workers. Children and Armed Conflict Terrorism and Counterterrorism. Harassment of Critics Gender and sexual orientation based harassment. If these are happening, it's enough to justify Yemen losing it's UN seat.

  • It would only serve as a wedge

    Kicking Yemen of the UN Council would almost inevitably create the perfect catalyst to become a justification for bigger atrocities and violations to occur. Once off the council what stops Yemen from spitefully and recklessly committing far worse violations under the presumption of a lack of retribution or an honest lack in care on their part. Keeping them in the UN gives more room to air grievances and find a corrective course of action,like guiding them back towards the light.

  • No, they should not loose their seat.

    They should not loose their seat but they should be reprimanded very severely. The human rights violations in Yemen were very bad and they need to be addressed by the UN at large and not just the small Human Rights council. This is a serious issue it needs to be addressed.

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