Saudi jets kill nearly 32 civilians in Yemen’s Hudaydah: Should the US get involved in this conflict?

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  • The US is doing enough by themselves

    The US is already killing Muslim civilians as it is. Most of the taxes we pay goes to the US army which pay for the bombs that they drop on Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraqi and Syria. The US intentionally drop bombs on civilians and never admits to I have rely on other countries reporting on the atrocities because America never will

  • The US is already involved in too many conflicts

    The United States can't respect the sovereignty of other nations and still intervene in every conflict that we feel involves the loss of innocent lives. The US should limit its involvement to conflicts involving our allies and when they have requested our assistance. Military actions should not be done due to emotion alone.

  • No, USA shouldn't take part in this matter

    No, USA should stop implementing its influence all around the world. The countries should solve their problems by themselves, not by the influence of America, nor Russia, nor China, nor any other foreign country. We have witnessed that many times the foreign impact brought only more trouble and raised the revolt of the local people.

  • No, the U.S. should not get involved.

    The United States should not get involved in the Saudi-Yemen conflict. America does not need another war in the Middle East. Let these countries fight it out, spilling their own blood and spending their own treasure. America does not have to get involved in every conflict in the world. Besides, both countries would end up getting mad at us if we got involved.

  • No, they should not.

    The US has gotten into enough hot water and spent way too much money by trying to get involved in conflicts in the middle east. These conflicts have gone on as far as history can record, and it is unlikely that they are going to end with US intervention in the near future.

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