Saudi prince says women should be allowed to drive: Will this help improve women's independence?

  • Yes, it will.

    Much like teenagers , particularly rural and suburban teenagers, look forward to the day when they can drive becasue it gives them freedom they never had before, women in Saudi Arabia will gain new freedoms if they are able to drive. They can go places on their own, and will not have to wait.

  • Yes, women driving in Saudi Arabia is a step toward independence.

    Yes, giving women the right to drive in Saudi Arabia will improve their independence. Though I would like to see sweeping changes for women's liberation in that nation, I believe any individual freedom gained is a step toward greater freedom. The freedom to drive facilitates other acts of independence, including making it easier to organize women's liberation efforts and to gain independent work.

  • Yes, allowing Saudi women to drive will improve their independence.

    Yes, allowing Saudi women to drive will doubtlessly improve their independence. If women are able to drive, it will be much easier for them to find employment and become educated. This measure would also lesson their dependence on their husband as far as performing daily tasks like shopping are concerned.

  • This move could improve the quality of life for Saudi women.

    Having long been oppressed by the strict interpretation of Islam in their country, this is a step in the right direction for the women of Saudi Arabia. It is about time that women are seen as equals to men, and not just treated as their property to do with as they please.

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