Saudia Arabia's terrorist rehab claimed to be opposite: Should people take seriously the claims of accused terrorists?

  • Obviously they should be.

    In the time and day, not enough people take threats seriously, and it's honestly scary, we don't know what these terrorists are capable of, and people on the Internet are dangerously guilty of taking threats as jokes and encouraging them, that's part of the problem, I say that our society needs to become a, "Take no threat as a joke" type society.

  • Better to take them seriously than disregard them.

    I wouldn't dismiss the claims of accused terrorists without investigating them a bit first. Maybe these accused terrorists are lying to make Saudi Arabia look bad or maybe they are telling the truth. Either way, the Saudi authorities need to call in neutral experts to investigate these claims. I don't trust the Saudis to be able to investigate themselves.

  • Yes, they should.

    Saudi Arabia's terrorist rehabilitation centre is actually a "hidden radicalisation programme," an accused al-Qaeda bomb-maker detained at Guantanamo Bay has claimed. Saudi Royal rulers are gangs of criminals,the source of all ills and evils in the world.Crown prince bought a yacht at USD 500000,while some of Saudi people still living in tin roofed houses.Saudi funds thousands of terrorists to send them to Syria and Iraq.

  • With a grain of salt

    These claims by the enemy should obviously not immediately be taken as fact rather they should be seen as suggestions to open up a investigation. It is very possible that these claims are lies just as possible that they are true and without proper evidence assumptions should not be made.

  • No, people should not take seriously the claims of accused terrorists

    No, people should not take seriously the claims of accused terrorists. They are by nature individuals who have flaws in their thinking processes. They lack moral compasses and will act in any way they see fit to benefit themselves or their groups. Anything they say or do should be viewed as a lie and a cover for an ulterior motive.

  • No, they should not.

    The terrorist suspect in Guantanamo Bay who made the accusation has a great deal to gain by claiming that the Saudia Arabia terrorist rehab is not a rehab. His accusations should not be taken seriously until there is some other corroborating evidence to prove that he is telling the truth.

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