Savannah Guthrie welcomes son: Should television personalities postpone having children?

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  • No, family should bee priority over work

    If a T.V. Personality wants to have a child then they should be able to with no backlash from their job. Every other job allows maternity leave so TV personalities shouldn't have it any different. It would be unfair that to keep a job you would have to refrain from having children.

  • No, i disagree.

    I do not support this idea. I don't think television personalities should postpone having children. This is because they are normal human beings just like the rest of us. They have to live a complete life just like us. Having children might be a hindrance to ones career but we will always catch up.

  • No, television personalities should not postpone having children.

    No, television personalities should not postpone having children for the sake of being able to continue entertaining the public. This is true for men and women alike. Entertainers should not put their lives on hold. They should live their lives as they see fit, without receiving pressure telling them otherwise.

  • No, television personalities should have children when it's fit for them. It's their own only decision

    A decision about when or whether to have children is a very personal decision of a couple who want to start a family, and it may depend on many factors, age, career, financial situation, fertility problems etc. Everybody has the right to make his or her own personal choice about when or whether to have children. A pregnant television personality is a great example for women that they should not sacrifice motherhood for career.

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