• You are very right

    I am not a american but i am following american politics very closely and you are right. Current state of the american politics is just bunch of kindergarteners trying to become president just to get some money. I honestly think there is no one big politican that cares about the american people

  • What do we do?

    Our Government doesn't seem to care about us at all. Nancy Pelosi will not give an inch on the second stimulus package at all. She talks the talk, Doesn't walk the walk
    Our country is dying. I'm losing my house, Business's are closing
    What do we do? O am a disabled vetran. I cannot just watch this happen. Our Government is at fault. They are like children, There is a plate of cookies, They want 7 on one side amd the other side wants to give them 5, They end up with none because they don't know or can't figure out 6 will make everyone happy.

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