• We should not have uniforms in schools it can cuase a lot more bullying than you would think.

    We shouldn't have school uniforms because some kids perants are in the situation were they cant afford the schools regulation of uniforms. Also what kids were can express there personality and how they feel some kids realy think that bright colors express them as people and some people think that dark colors express them as people. Another reason is because some schools think that if everyone is wearing the same thing than first they will get bullyed less and second it will make them forget themselves and think about school well there wrong I learned from the book "divergent" by veronica roth that even though there wearing the same thing that it does not make them forget themselves to study and learn but it makes them think about themselves even more than they would before because then they think of why they have to wear the same thing and that if its supposed to make them forget and not care how they look. Another reason is that some kids can get realy uncomfortable in uniforms plus when they wear what they picked they fell more confortable and soothed

  • They are taking your right away

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  • No school unforms because i say so

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  • School Uniforms Seriously?

    School Uniforms can be really uncomfortable and it takes away there sense of fashion also honestly if you were the same thing most of the time your most likely gonna end up wearing it all the time. Its cost the school more money and really what would it do make you blend in. No one cant fell great about cute clothes either.

  • No no no

    They take away individualism and creativity. They stop kids fro being able to express them selves. Not everyone should look the same. We are all different. School uniforms are not needed. Its fun to wear different outfits every day. Wearing the same one is boring as hell. Say no to uniforms.

  • School uniforms are for conformist scrubs:

    Ever read the book "Brave New World"? If not, it's a book about a totalitarian government that controls even the way people think (through sleep hypnosis). Each person is forced to wear the clothing of their "caste" and dressing differently is considered unorthodox (being unorthodox is a highly punishable offense). I personally do not want to live in a world like this and believe that school uniforms are just a stepping stone to it.

  • Say yes! Say yeeeesss!

    I really enjoy the formality of a uniform and the sense of community that comes with it. I enjoy non-uniform days as much as the next person, but I think there's a time and a place to express yourself as an individual, and a school isn't obliged to be the place, in my opinion. I'm all for individualism and expressing yourself, but school is primarily for learning, not dressing up! I understand there is a social aspect and, therefore, I can see why students crave to wear band t-shirts and the newest [insert brand name here] jumper or shoes. However, I don't think it's a case of robbing a student of being able to express themselves, but, instead, I believe that it's simply a regulation put in place to nurture formality, a sense of community and pride for education!

  • We needs these and this is violation of Freedom of Speech.

    Imagine a world with organized societies and disciplined students who do their best at perfection.Now picture that with School uniforms,we need to have/support these because they make ourselves organized and sophisticated.
    Most civilizations would have some code of conduct like a law or regulation of rules.Now picture that in Schools around the country follow this act and symbolize ourselves as organized and well behaved as every civilized person needs to be.Without these, we would be ruthless barbarians and immature or too callow to begin with.That's why we need to organized ourselves,but how? With these clothings.
    Sophistication is a big word to describe everything from the glittering sun to the shallow ground.We represent of mankind and how we can perfect it's emphasis on sophistication or experience we had to occur.School uniforms are the representation of this word,as millions of students will know what to do,when to do,and where to do.This is another reason why Sophistication is needed within our societies to build up a great country.
    With these in mind,nevertheless,we should have these acts and promote them to remind ourselves we are the last hope of Society and this generation.Imagine dozens of other countries following these act and winning hope.Yes there will be rebellion and if they don't like it then it's their problem NOT ours.In conclusion, we need these school uniforms to support or help ourselves because they make us organized and sophisticated.

  • It is a violation of free speech

    Also it forces poor families to buy more expensive clothes. If the clothing covers enough, and has no inappropriate designs, then why can't students wear it? Also students can probably learn more when comfortable. On a diffrent not, don't you think the minimum word limit is annoying, I think it is.

  • Say no now

    You should always wear what you want to wear you should wear what you think you want to wear nobody should ever tell you what to wear you can wear anything you want to wear anytime you should also just wear what is good to wear you should always wear what you want to wear

  • No not now

    We should not have anymore uniforms it would make every one very sad and have more children get bullied and it will take away children's confidence and creativity they should be able to excess them selves and not get to be pushed around and be very very very very modest!

  • No more Uniforms

    1. Limits self-expression.
    This has always been the major argument raised against school uniforms. Critics believe that forcing kids to wear uniforms to school limits their personal expression. They argue that kids lose their self-identity when they lose their right to freely express themselves through personal fashion.

    2. High initial cost.
    Although we pointed out earlier that school uniforms are more economical compared to buying a school wardrobe, critics argue that it can be costly to buy several uniforms at once. Also, there are many other types of uniforms parents are required to buy aside from the everyday uniform. There are also the P.E. Uniforms and formal uniforms.

    3. Can get uncomfortable.
    School uniforms are the not most snugly piece of clothing there is. Some kids may find their fabric itchy, while others may find the zippers and buttons restrictive. Then also, some girls don’t like wearing dresses or skirts, which is what most girl’s uniforms require.

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