Schengen Agreement: Should the Schengen Agreement be dissolved?

  • Dissolve the Region

    The Schengen Agreement unduly binds citizens of European countries to political and social unity when those citizens do not necessarily wish to bind themselves to other countries. As but one example, may countries within the Schengen region do not feel as though they should be economically responsible for the profligate spending of other countries.

  • No bordered region

    I believe in an open and border free world heritage. Boundaries are just limitation for every possible potential and / or benefit. Just take a simple look where RELIGION and BELIEFS are obliging people to be suppressed and the local government is exploiting the innocent people under such flags .

  • No, the Schengen Agreement is important to the free movement of peoples in Europe.

    The Schengen Agreement has helped improve the economy of Europe by making it easier for people to cross sovereign borders and spend money throughout Europe. Without this agreement in place, it would be more difficult and cost-prohibitive for many Europeans to travel and spend money in other countries, many of which depend heavily on revenue from tourism.

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