School hours should be changed to suit the season

Asked by: Bunnies123
  • Why Not??? It would'n't hurt

    The circadian system supports every argument agreeing, the body needs sleep and changing them to suit the season
    Also i have to support my teams case for debating otherwise it would be to confusing.
    -If you don't no what that means then you are dumb because i found out in yr6

  • Too much work and really confusing.

    It would be too confusing if at winter, it were to be at 8 (as an example) and then in the summer it would be at 10 (Example, once again). Obviously, for me, that is a no, but this is just my opinion so don't get me wrong. Some may say it's helpful, which it COULD be.

  • Teachers, parents and activities.

    All after school and before school activities will have to be changed. Teachers may have commitments on that they can't change. Parents will have to change work hours to drive kids to school or drop them at a train/bus stop. Less children will be late for school as the morning will be lighter and less will fall asleep in class because it's dark and makes kids get sleepy.

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