• I would know

    So, i am 10 yrs old, me and my friend (i'll call her C) and this boy were all enemies, (i'll call the boy w) we were at recess and W has a crush on C. And he bullies us. So C and W were fighting, and our teacher saw W push C. And the teacher said this: "why did you even push her? She's a girl!". C got warned, but W had to go home. That's stupid. 1. Kids aren't gonna die from getting pushed. 2. Why does gender matter? Wouldn't it hurt more to kick a boy in the d than in a girls v? 3. Give them the same punishment, they did the same thing!!!

  • School plays a large part in creating our gender roles. What sex we are.

    It’s at school that we are exposed to peers of both sexes. There, kids learn what our peers see as the proper ways for us to act based on what sex we are. We might see, for example, that a boy that cries easily will get teased more than a boy who does not. This may help us for the idea that being tough is part of the appropriate gender role for a boy. In this way, being at school socializes us and teaches us how society expects us to act based on our sex.

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