• School is cool

    School is the place to get an education. However why is school the key to success. There are many ways one can get an education. Why is school so important to becoming a successful member of society? Life experiences and maturity have much to be said about in becoming successful.

  • School should change but shouldn't determine success

    Ask any multi millionaire and they would say that school isn't as important as experience. Also, The school system is outdated and is essentially useless in our future. Most of us probably forgot most of the stuff we were taught in school. So if they forget the information that we learned in school we earned in school, Why are we learning it. I did a lot of research on this because I did an essay and speech reasons why we need to change the current school system. I also came up with an alternative. School days would be shorter and would give out less home work. This is only because Finland current does this and it out preforms our system. Also when you get to high school, It would be like an intro to college. You could choose your courses that would relate to the major/ career you aspire to take/ become. This will allow you to discover your strengths and weaknesses, So you could find a career that fits you. You could change classes anytime and your classes would be everything that relates to that major, As well as a class specifically for that major for hands on learning. Schools shouldn't compete for ranking and they would be equal, Allowing all students to receive the same kind of education. College would stay the same but, If you pursue the career you like you would be placed in a more advanced class. My idea nurtures a students interests instead of crushing it. Middle school would stay the same because it allows students explore new areas and elementary school students learn the basics. Watch Prince EA what is school for. It shows the truth of educations in its deepest areas. How every student feels. This is an analogy he made, Imagine the quietest student in your class that never talks and fails most of his classes, But has a secret and a strength (chemistry I know I spelled it wrong), He could create the cure to cancer but, School crushed his dreams instead of nurturing it. Each human being has their own strengths and weaknesses. It's what makes us unique, But school puts us in a group and doesn't care about what we do or how we preform in the real world. I also forgot to mention, School would also be required to have a home ec and English class because most careers require a form of writing and we need to learn how to do taxes.

  • A person's success is determined by their socio-economic status, rather than education.

    Unfortunately, education is not the tool that is aiding individuals' success. You are not always rewarded for education. Furthermore, education can be restricted upon an individual's wealth--School costs money.

    Even then, what education are you receiving? You can get an education in philosophy and become a great thinker, but that doesn't mean you'll be guaranteed a job. You can psychology, and struggle to find patients.

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